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1. A-Ha--Blue sky
2. A-Ha--Hunting high and low
3. A-Ha--Sun always shines on tv
4. A-Ha--Take on me
5. A-Ha--Train of thought
6. Aaliyah--Are you that somebody
7. Aaliyah--At your best
8. Aaliyah--If your girl only knew
9. Aaliyah--One in a million
10. Aaliyah--One i gave my heart to
11. Aaron Hall--All the places
12. Aaron Neville--Tell it like it is
13. ABBA--Angel eyes
14. ABBA--Bang a boomerang
15. ABBA--Chiquitita
16. ABBA--Dance
17. ABBA--Dancing queen
18. ABBA--Day before you came
19. ABBA--Does your mother know
20. ABBA--Fernando
21. ABBA--Gimme gimme gimme
22. ABBA--Honey honey
23. ABBA--I do I do
24. ABBA--I have a dream
25. ABBA--Knowing me knowing you
26. ABBA--Mamma mia
27. ABBA--Money money money
28. ABBA--Name of the game
29. ABBA--One of usa
30. ABBA--Ring ring
31. ABBA--Rock me
32. ABBA--Sos
33. ABBA--Take a chance on me
34. ABBA--Thank you for the music
35. ABBA--Under attack
36. ABBA--Visitors
37. ABBA--Voules vous
38. ABBA--Waterloo
39. ABBA--When all is said and done
40. ABBA--Winner takes it all
41. ABC--Be near me
42. ABC--How to be a millionaire
43. ABC--Look of love
44. ABC--Poison arrow
45. ABC--When smokey sings
46. Abe Lyman--Just one more chance
47. Abe Lyman--Little old lady
48. AC-DC--Back in black
49. AC-DC--Hard as a rock
50. AC-DC--Money talks
51. AC-DC--You shook me all night long
52. Ace & Rod Stewart--How long
53. Ace Of Base--All that she wants
54. Ace Of Base--Beautiful life
55. Ace Of Base--Cruel summer
56. Ace Of Base--Dont turn around
57. Ace Of Base--Lucky love
58. Adam Ant--Goody two shoes
59. Adam Ant--Wonderful
60. Adam Wade--Take good care of her
61. Addrisi Brothers--Slow dancing dont turn me on
62. Addrisi Brothers--Weve got to get it on again
63. Adina Howard--Freak like me
64. Adrian Gurvitz--Classic
65. Ad Libs--Boy from new york city
66. Aerosmith--Adams apple
67. Aerosmith--Aint enough
68. Aerosmith--Aint that a bitch
69. Aerosmith--All your love
70. Aerosmith--Amazing
71. Aerosmith--Angel
72. Aerosmith--Attitude adjustament
73. Aerosmith--Back in the saddle
74. Aerosmith--Big ten inch record
75. Aerosmith--Bitchs brew
76. Aerosmith--Blind man
77. Aerosmith--Bolivian ragamuffin
78. Aerosmith--Bone to bone
79. Aerosmith--Bright light fright
80. Aerosmith--Cant stop messin
81. Aerosmith--Cheese cake
82. Aerosmith--Chip away the stone
83. Aerosmith--Chiquita
84. Aerosmith--Combination
85. Aerosmith--Come together
86. Aerosmith--Crash
87. Aerosmith--Crazy
88. Aerosmith--Critical mass
89. Aerosmith--Cryina
90. Aerosmith--Cry me a river
91. Aerosmith--Darkness
92. Aerosmith--Deuces are wild
93. Aerosmith--Dont get mad get even
94. Aerosmith--Dont stop
95. Aerosmith--Draw the line
96. Aerosmith--Dream on
97. Aerosmith--Dude
98. Aerosmith--Eat the rich
99. Aerosmith--Fallen angels
100. Aerosmith--Falling in love
101. Aerosmith--Falling off
102. Aerosmith--Fall together
103. Aerosmith--Farm
104. Aerosmith--Fevera
105. Aerosmith--Flesh
106. Aerosmith--Full circle
107. Aerosmith--F i n e
108. Aerosmith--Get a grip
109. Aerosmith--Get it up
110. Aerosmith--Get the lead out
111. Aerosmith--Girl keeps coming apart
112. Aerosmith--Gotta love it
113. Aerosmith--Gypsy boots
114. Aerosmith--Hand that feeds
115. Aerosmith--Hangman jury
116. Aerosmith--Head first
117. Aerosmith--Hearts done time
118. Aerosmith--Helter skelter
119. Aerosmith--Hole in my soul
120. Aerosmith--Home tonight
121. Aerosmith--Hop
122. Aerosmith--Im down
123. Aerosmith--I aint got you
124. Aerosmith--I dont want to miss a thing
125. Aerosmith--I wanna know why
126. Aerosmith--Jailbait
127. Aerosmith--Janies got a gun
128. Aerosmith--Jig is up
129. Aerosmith--Joanies butterfly
130. Aerosmith--Kings and queens
131. Aerosmith--Kiss your past goodbye
132. Aerosmith--Last child
133. Aerosmith--Let the music do the talking
134. Aerosmith--Lick and a promise
135. Aerosmith--Lightning strikes
136. Aerosmith--Line up
137. Aerosmith--Livin on the edge
138. Aerosmith--Lord of the thighs
139. Aerosmith--Love in an elevator
140. Aerosmith--Love me two times
141. Aerosmith--Magic touch
142. Aerosmith--Major barbara
143. Aerosmith--Make it
144. Aerosmith--Mama kin
145. Aerosmith--Mia
146. Aerosmith--Milk cow blues
147. Aerosmith--Monkey on my back
148. Aerosmith--Mother popcorn
149. Aerosmith--Movin out
150. Aerosmith--My fist your face
151. Aerosmith--My girl
152. Aerosmith--Nine lives
153. Aerosmith--Nobodys fault
154. Aerosmith--No more no more
155. Aerosmith--No surprize
156. Aerosmith--Once is enough
157. Aerosmith--One way street
158. Aerosmith--On the road again
159. Aerosmith--Other side
160. Aerosmith--Pandoras box
161. Aerosmith--Permanent vacation
162. Aerosmith--Pinka
163. Aerosmith--Prelude to joanie
164. Aerosmith--Push comes to shove
165. Aerosmith--Rag doll
166. Aerosmith--Rats in the cellar
167. Aerosmith--Rattlesnake shake
168. Aerosmith--Reason dog
169. Aerosmith--Reefer head woman
170. Aerosmith--Remember walking in the sand
171. Aerosmith--Riff and roll
172. Aerosmith--Rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu
173. Aerosmith--Rock in a hard place
174. Aerosmith--Round and round
175. Aerosmith--Sweet emotion
176. Aerosmith--Taste of india
177. Aerosmith--Theme to waynes world
178. Aerosmith--Think about it
179. Aerosmith--Three mile smile
180. Aerosmith--Toys in the attic
181. Aerosmith--Train kept a rollin
182. Aerosmith--Uncle salty
183. Aerosmith--Voodoo medicine man
184. Aerosmith--Walkin the dog
185. Aerosmith--Walk on down
186. Aerosmith--Walk on water
187. Aerosmith--Walk this way
188. Aerosmith--What it takes
189. Aerosmith--Woman of the world
190. Aerosmith--Write me a letter
191. Aerosmith--Young lust
192. Aerosmith--You see me crying
193. Afternoon Delights--General hospi tale
194. After 7--Til you do me right
195. After The Fire--Der kommissar
196. Agnetha Faltskog--Cant shake loose
197. Air Supply--All out of love
198. Air Supply--American hearts
199. Air Supply--Chances
200. Air Supply--Even the nights are better
201. Air Supply--Every woman in the world
202. Air Supply--Having you near me
203. Air Supply--Heart and soul
204. Air Supply--Here i am
205. Air Supply--Hope springs eternal
206. Air Supply--Id die for you
207. Air Supply--Its not too late
208. Air Supply--I cant get excited
209. Air Supply--Just another woman
210. Air Supply--Just as i am
211. Air Supply--Lonely is the night
212. Air Supply--Lost in love
213. Air Supply--Making love out of nothing at all
214. Air Supply--My best friend
215. Air Supply--My hearts with you
216. Air Supply--Old habits die hard
217. Air Supply--One more chance
218. Air Supply--One that you love
219. Air Supply--Put love in your life
220. Air Supply--Sweet dreams
221. Air Supply--Time for love
222. Air Supply--Two less lonely people in the world
223. Air Supply--Young love
224. Air Supply--Youre only in love
225. Alabama--Closer you get
226. Alabama--Love in the first degree
227. Alabama--Take me down
228. Alanis Morissette--Hand in my pocket
229. Alanis Morissette--Ironic
230. Alanis Morissette--Thank u
231. Alanis Morissette--You learn
232. Alanis Morissette--You oughta know
233. Alannah Myles--Black velvet
234. Alannah Myles--Love is
235. Alan Dale--Sweet and gentle
236. Alan O'Day--Undercover angel
237. Alan Parsons Project--Damned if i do
238. Alan Parsons Project--Dont answer me
239. Alan Parsons Project--Eye in the sky
240. Alan Parsons Project--Games people play
241. Alan Parsons Project--I wouldnt want to be like you
242. Alan Parsons Project--Prime time
243. Alan Parsons Project--System of doctor tarr and professor fether
244. Alan Parsons Project--Time
245. Alan Sherman--Hello muddah, Hello Fadduh
246. Albert Gamse & Irving Fields--Managua nicaragua
247. Albert Hammond--It never rains in southern claifornia
248. Aldo Nova--Fantasy
249. Alessi--All for a reason
250. Alessi--Sad songs
251. Alessi & Christopher Cross--Forever
252. Alias--More than words can say
253. Alice Cooper--Clones were all
254. Alice Cooper--Eighteen
255. Alice Cooper--Elected
256. Alice Cooper--Hello hooray
257. Alice Cooper--I never cry
258. Alice Cooper--No more mister nice guy
259. Alice Cooper--Only women bleed
260. Alice Cooper--Poison
261. Alice Cooper--Schools out
262. Alice Cooper--You and me
263. Alicia Bridges--I love the nightlife
264. Alive & Kicking--Tighter tighter
265. All-4-One--Im sorry
266. All-4-One--Im your man
267. All-4-One--I can love you like that
268. All-4-One--I turn to you
269. All-4-One--So much in love
270. All-4-One--These arms
271. All-4-One--Think youre the one for me
272. Allan Sherman--Twelve days of christmas
273. Allen Miller--You rhyme with everything
274. Allice Cooper--How you gonna see me now
275. Allman Brothers--Crazy love
276. Allman Brothers--Ramblin man
277. Allure featuring 112--All cried out
278. Allure featuring & LL Cool J--No question
279. All Saints--Never ever
280. Alphaville--Big in japan
281. Alphaville--Forever young
282. Alton McClain & Destiny--It must be love
283. Alvino Ray--Deep in the heart of texas
284. Al Dexter--Pistol packin mama
285. Al Donohue--Lambeth walkad
286. Al Donohue--Moon lovead
287. Al Donohue & Johnny Mercer--Jeepers creepers
288. Al Dubin & Joe Burke--Tiptoe through the tulips
289. Al Green--Call me come back home
290. Al Green--Full of fire
291. Al Green--Here i am come and take me
292. Al Green--Im still in love with you
293. Al Green--Keep me cryin
294. Al Green--Lets stay together
295. Al Green--Livin for you
296. Al Green--Look what you done for me
297. Al Green--L o v e
298. Al Green--Sha la la make me happy
299. Al Green--Tired of being alone
300. Al Green--You ought to be with me
301. Al Hibbler--11th hour melody
302. Al Hibbler--After the lights go down low
303. Al Hoffman & Dick Manning--Hot diggity
304. Al Jarreau--Moonlighting
305. Al Jolson--Anniversary song
306. Al Jolson--Liza all the cloudsll roll away
307. Al Jolson--Shes a latin from manhattan
308. Al Jolson--You made me love you
309. Al Martino--Here in my heart
310. Al Martino--I love you because
311. Al Martino--I love you more and more every day
312. Al Martino--Living a lie
313. Al Martino--Mary in the morning
314. Al Martino--Painted tainted rose
315. Al Martino--Spanish eyes
316. Al Martino--Tears and roses
317. Al Martino--Think ill go somewhere and cry myself to sleep
318. Al Martino--Volare
319. Al Rawls--Love is a hurtin thing
320. Al Stewart--Midnight rocks
321. Al Stewart--Song on the radio
322. Al Stewart--Time passages
323. Al Stewart--Year of the cat
324. Al Stillman & Ernesto Lecuona--Breeze and i
325. Al Trace--Mairzy doats
326. Al Trace--You call everybody darling
327. Al Wilson--Show and tell
328. Al Wilson--Snake
329. Al Yankovic--Christmas at ground zero
330. Amazing Rhythm Aces--Third rate romance
331. Amboy Dukes--Journey to center of mind
332. Ambrose--South of the border
333. Ambrosia--Biggest part of me
334. Ambrosia--Holdin on to yesterday
335. Ambrosia--How much i feel
336. Ambrosia--Youre the only woman
337. America--Border
338. America--Daisy jane
339. America--Dont cross the river
340. America--Horse with no name
341. America--I need you
342. America--Lonely people
343. America--Sister golden hair
344. America--Tin man
345. America--Todays the day
346. America--Ventura highway
347. America--You can do magic
348. American Breed--Bend me shape me
349. American Breed--Green light
350. American Breed--Step out of your mind
351. Ames Brothers--China doll
352. Ames Brothers--It only hurts for a little while
353. Ames Brothers--Melodie damour
354. Ames Brothers--My bonnie lassie
355. Ames Brothers--Naughty lady of shady lane
356. Ames Brothers--Rag mop
357. Ames Brothers--Sentimental me
358. Ames Brothers--You you you
359. Amii Stewart--Knock on wood
360. Amy Grant--Baby baby
361. Amy Grant--Every heartbeat
362. Amy Grant--Find a way
363. Amy Grant--Good for me
364. Amy Grant--I will remember you
365. Amy Grant--Lucky one
366. Amy Grant--Thats what love is for
367. Amy Grant & Vince Gill--House of love
368. Amy Holland--How do i survive
369. Andrea True Connection--More more more
370. Andrea True Connection--N y you got me dancing
371. Andrews Sisters--Boogie woogie bugle boy
372. Andrews Sisters--Ferry boat serenade
373. Andrews Sisters--Hold tight want some seafood mama
374. Andrews Sisters--Ill pray-for you
375. Andrews Sisters--I can dream cant i
376. Andrews Sisters--I wanna be loved
377. Andrews Sisters--Lady from 29 palms
378. Andrews Sisters--Shoo shoo baby
379. Andrews Sisters--Shrine of saint cecilia
380. Andrews Sisters--Toolie oolie doolie
381. Andrews Sisters & Carmen Miranda--Cuanto la gusta
382. Andrews Sisters & Danny Kaye--Civilization bongo bongo bongo
383. Andrew Gold--Lonely boy
384. Andrew Gold--Thank you for being a friend
385. Andy Gibb--An everlasting love
386. Andy Gibb--Desire
387. Andy Gibb--Dont throw it away
388. Andy Gibb--I just want to be your everything
389. Andy Gibb--Love is thicker than water
390. Andy Gibb--Me without you
391. Andy Gibb--Time is time
392. Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton-John--I cant help it
393. Andy Griffith & Jean Wilson--Make yourself comfortable
394. Andy Kim--Baby i love you
395. Andy Kim--Be my baby
396. Andy Kim--Howd we ever get this way
397. Andy Kim--Rock me gently
398. Andy Kim--Shoot em up baby
399. Andy Kim--So good together
400. Andy Kirk--Christopher columbus
401. Andy Russell--Besame mucho
402. Andy Taylor--Take it easy
403. Andy Williams--And roses and roses
404. Andy Williams--Are you sincere
405. Andy Williams--As time goes by
406. Andy Williams--Baby doll
407. Andy Williams--Beyond the reef
408. Andy Williams--Bilbao song
409. Andy Williams--Born free
410. Andy Williams--Canadian sunset
411. Andy Williams--Dreamsville
412. Andy Williams--Falling in love with love
413. Andy Williams--Get me to the church on time
414. Andy Williams--If ever i would leave you
415. Andy Williams--In the arms of love
416. Andy Williams--In the summertime you dont want my love
417. Andy Williams--Its a most unusual day
418. Andy Williams--It might as well be spring
419. Andy Williams--Ive grown accustomed to her face
420. Andy Williams--I like your kind of love
421. Andy Williams--I want to be free
422. Andy Williams--I will wait for you
423. Andy Williams--I wish you love
424. Andy Williams--Lips of wine
425. Andy Williams--Lonely street
426. Andy Williams--Look of love
427. Andy Williams--Love is blue
428. Andy Williams--May each day
429. Andy Williams--Moon river
430. Andy Williams--Music to watch girls by
431. Andy Williams--On the street where you live
432. Andy Williams--Promise me love
433. Andy Williams--Quiet night of quiet stars
434. Andy Williams--Sail along silvery moon
435. Andy Williams--Second time around
436. Andy Williams--Somewhere my love
437. Andy Williams--Song for you
438. Andy Williams--So rare
439. Andy Williams--Speak softly love
440. Andy Williams--Suddenly theres a valley
441. Andy Williams--Summer knows
442. Andy Williams--There will never be another you
443. Andy Williams--Twilight time
444. Andy Williams--Unchained melody
445. Andy Williams--Under paris skies
446. Andy Williams--Village of st bernadette
447. Andy Williams--Wake me when its over
448. Andy Williams--Walk hand in hand
449. Andy Williams--Watch what happens
450. Andy Williams--Where do i begin
451. Andy Williams--Wouldnt it be loverly
452. Andy Williams--You dont want my love
453. Angels--I adore him
454. Angels--My boyfriends back
455. Angels--Til
456. Angels--Till
457. Animals--Dimples
458. Animals--Dont bring me down
459. Animals--Dont let me be misunderstood
460. Animals--House of the rising sun
461. Animals--Im crying
462. Animals--Inside looking out
463. Animals--Its my life
464. Animals--Sky pilot
465. Animals--We gotta get out of this place
466. Animotion--Obsession
467. Animotion--Room to move
468. Anita Baker--Caught up in the rapture
469. Anita Baker--Giving you the best that i got
470. Anita Baker--Just because
471. Anita Baker--Sweet love
472. Anita Bryant--In my little corner of the world
473. Anita Bryant--Till there was you
474. Anita Bryant & Marie Osmond--Paper roses
475. Anita Ward--Ring my bell
476. Ann-Margret--I just dont understand
477. Annette & The Afterbeats--First name initial
478. Annette & The Afterbeats--Pineapple princess
479. Annette & The Afterbeats--Tall paul
480. Annette & The Afterbeats--Train of love
481. Annette Funicello--Monkeys uncle
482. Anne Murray--Another sleepless night
483. Anne Murray--Blessed are the believers
484. Anne Murray--Broken hearted me
485. Anne Murray--Dannys song
486. Anne Murray--Daydream believer
487. Anne Murray--He thinks i still care
488. Anne Murray--I just fall in love again
489. Anne Murray--Just another woman in love
490. Anne Murray--Little good news
491. Anne Murray--Love song
492. Anne Murray--Now and forever you and me
493. Anne Murray--Shadows in the moonlight
494. Anne Murray--Snowbird
495. Anne Murray--Time dont run out on me
496. Anne Murray--You needed me
497. Anne Murray--You wont see me
498. Anne Murray & Dave Loggins--Nobody loves me like you do
499. Anne Sheltons--Lay down your arms
500. Annie Lennox--No more i love yous
501. Annie Lennox--Walking on broken glass
502. Annie Lennox--Why
503. Annie Lennox & Al Green--Put a little love in your heart
504. Ann Wilson & Robin Zander--Surrender to me
505. Another Bad Creation--Playgroundabc
506. Anson Weeks--How could you
507. Anthony Peter Hatch--Forget him
508. Anton Karas, Guy Lombardo, Freddy Martin, Winterhalter, Victor Young & Owen Bradley--Third man theme
509. April Wine--Just between you and me
510. April Wine--Roller
511. April Wine--Tonite is a wonderful time to fall in love
512. April Wine--You could have been a lady
513. Aqua--Barbie girl
514. Aqua--Happy boys and girls
515. Aquatones--Youa
516. Arcadia--Election day
517. Arcadia--Goodbye is forever
518. Archies--Bang shang a lang
519. Archies--Jingle jangle
520. Archie Bell & The Drells--I cant stop dancing
521. Archie Bell & The Drells--Theres gonna be a showdown
522. Archie Bell & The Drells--Tighten up
523. Archie Bleyer--Hernandos hideaway
524. Arden-Ohman Orchestra--Can this be love
525. Arden-Ohman Orchestra--Fine and dandy
526. Arden-Ohman Orchestra--I love a parade
527. Arden-Ohman Orchestra--Youre my everything
528. Aretha Franklin--Baby i love you
529. Aretha Franklin--Call me
530. Aretha Franklin--Chain of fools
531. Aretha Franklin--Day dreaming
532. Aretha Franklin--Dont play that song
533. Aretha Franklin--Freeway of love
534. Aretha Franklin--House that jack built
535. Aretha Franklin--I never loved a man
536. Aretha Franklin--My song
537. Aretha Franklin--Respect
538. Aretha Franklin--Rock steady
539. Aretha Franklin--See saw
540. Aretha Franklin--Sweet sweet baby since youve been gone
541. Aretha Franklin--Think
542. Aretha Franklin--Weight
543. Aretha Franklin--Whos zoomin who
544. Aretha Franklin & George Michael--I knew you were waiting for me
545. Argent--Hold your head up
546. Arrested Development--Mr wendal
547. Arrested Development--People everyday
548. Arrested Development--Tennessee
549. Arthur Alexander--You better move on
550. Arthur Conley--Sweet soul music
551. Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown--All i do is dream of you
552. Arthur Godfrey--Too fat polka
553. Arthur William Halifax & Melle Weersma--Penny serenade
554. Artie Shaw--Blues in the night
555. Artie Shaw--Comes love
556. Artie Shaw--Dancing in the dark
557. Artie Shaw--Deep in a dream
558. Artie Shaw--Frenesi
559. Artie Shaw--Thanks for everything
560. Artie Shaw--They say
561. Artie Shawn--Blues in the night
562. Artie Shaw & Helen Forest--All the things you are
563. Art & Dotty Todd--Chanson damour
564. Art Garfunkel, James Taylor & Paul Simon--What a wonderful world
565. Art Garfunkel--All i know
566. Art Garfunkel--Break away
567. Art Garfunkel--I only have eyes for you
568. Art Mooney--Baby face
569. Art Mooney--Bluebird of happiness
570. Art Mooney--Im looking over a four leaf clover
571. Art Mooney & Barry Gordon--Nuttin for christmas
572. Art Of Noise featuring Tom Jones--Kiss
573. Ashford & Simpson--Solid
574. Asia--Dont cry
575. Asia--Heat of the moment
576. Asia--Only time will tell
577. Asia--Smile has left your eyes
578. Association--Along comes mary
579. Association--Cherish
580. Association--Everything that touches you
581. Association--Goodbye columbus
582. Association--Never my love
583. Association--Pandoras golden heebie jeebies
584. Association--Time for livin
585. Association--Windy
586. Atlanta Rhythm Section--Do it or die
587. Atlanta Rhythm Section--Imaginary lover
588. Atlanta Rhythm Section--Im not gonna let it bother me tonight
589. Atlanta Rhythm Section--So into you
590. Atlanta Rhythm Section--Spooky
591. Atlantic Starr--Always
592. Atlantic Starr--Circles
593. Atlantic Starr--Masterpiece
594. Atlantic Starr--Secret lovers
595. Austin Roberts--Rocky
596. Austin Roberts--Somethings wrong with me
597. Autograph--Turn up the radio
598. Avant Garde--Naturally stoned
599. Average White Band--Cut the cake
600. Average White Band--Queen of my soul
601. Average White Band--School boy crush
602. Avril Lavigne--Anything But Ordinary
603. Avril Lavigne--Complicated
604. Avril Lavigne--Don't Tell Me
605. Avril Lavigne--Falling Down
606. Avril Lavigne--Get Over It
607. Avril Lavigne--I'm With You
608. Avril Lavigne--I Don't Give A Damn
609. Avril Lavigne--Knockin' On Heaven's Door
610. Avril Lavigne--Losing Grip
611. Avril Lavigne--Mobile
612. Avril Lavigne--My World
613. Avril Lavigne--Naked
614. Avril Lavigne--Nobody's Fool
615. Avril Lavigne--Old Skater Boy
616. Avril Lavigne--Skater Boy
617. Avril Lavigne--Take Me Away
618. Avril Lavigne--Temple Of Life
619. Avril Lavigne--Things I'll Never Say
620. Avril Lavigne--Tomorrow
621. Avril Lavigne--Too Much To Ask
622. Avril Lavigne--Touch The Sky
623. Avril Lavigne--Two Rivers
624. Avril Lavigne--Unwanted
625. Avril Lavigne--Why
626. Az Yet--Last night
627. Az Yet & Peter Cetera--Hard to say im sorry
628. A Aldridge & E.Struzick--Sharing the night together
629. A Flock Of Seagulls--I ran so far away
630. A Flock Of Seagulls--Space age love song
631. A Flock Of Seagulls--Wishing if i had a photograph Of you
632. A Taste Of Honey--Boogie oogie oogie
633. A Taste Of Honey--Sukiyaki
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