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1. 10 CC--People in love
2. 5th Dimension--Paper cup
3. 5th Dimension--Puppet man
4. ABC--Poison arrow
5. Aerosmith--Pandoras box
6. Aerosmith--Permanent vacation
7. Aerosmith--Pinka
8. Aerosmith--Prelude to joanie
9. Aerosmith--Push comes to shove
10. Air Supply--Put love in your life
11. Alan Parsons Project--Prime time
12. Alice Cooper--Poison
13. Al Dexter--Pistol packin mama
14. Al Martino--Painted tainted rose
15. Andy Williams--Promise me love
16. Anita Bryant @ Marie Osmond--Paper roses
17. Annette @ The Afterbeats--Pineapple princess
18. Annie Lennox @ Al Green--Put a little love in your heart
19. Another Bad Creation--Playgroundabc
20. Arrested Development--People everyday
21. Arthur William Halifax @ Melle Weersma--Penny serenade
22. Association--Pandoras golden heebie jeebies
23. Bad English--Price of love
24. Barbra Streisand--People
25. Barry White--Practice what you preach
26. Beach Boys--Papa oom mow mow
27. Beatles--Paperback writer
28. Beatles--Penny lane
29. Beatles--Please please me
30. Beatles--P s i love you
31. Berlin--Pleasure victim
32. Billy Joel--Piano man
33. Billy Joel--Pressure
34. Bing Crosby--Please
35. Bing Crosby--Poinciana
36. Bing Crosby @ The Andrews Sisters--Pistol packin mama
37. Bobby Darin--Plain jane
38. Bobby Vee--Please dont ask about barbara
39. Bobby Vee--Punish her
40. Bob Dylan--Positively 4th street
41. Bob Marley--Pass It On
42. Bob Marley--Positive Vibrations
43. Bob Marley--Put It On
44. Bonnie Guitar--Padre
45. Boston--Peace of mind
46. Bread--Picture in your mind
47. Brenda Russell--Piano in the dark
48. Britney Spears--Pepsi Commercial
49. Britney Spears--Pepsi For Those Who Think Young
50. Britney Spears--Pepsi Joy Of Cola
51. Britney Spears--Perfect Tonight
52. Britney Spears--Piece Of My Heart
53. Bruce Springsteen--Prove it all night
54. Bryan Adams--Please forgive me
55. Buckner @ Garcia--Pac man fever
56. Buddy Clark, Harmonicats @ Three Suns--Peg o my heart
57. Buddy Holly @ The Crickets--Peggy sue
58. Buddy Knox--Party doll
59. B B King--Paying the cost to be the boss
60. Carpenters--Please mr postman
61. Cat Stevens--Peace train
62. Celine Dion--Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore
63. Celine Dion--Prayer
64. Chairman Of The Board--Pay to the piper
65. Charlie Barnet--Pompton turnpike
66. Charlie Dore--Pilot of the airwaves
67. Christopher Cross--Poor shirley
68. Chubby Checker--Pony time
69. Chubby Checker--Popeye
70. Chubby Checker--Pussy cat
71. Clarence Carter--Patchesccc
72. Claudine Clark--Party lights
73. Cliff Edwards--Paddlin madelin home
74. Clint Holmes--Playground in my mind
75. Coasters--Poison ivy
76. Connie Francis--Pretty little baby
77. Conway Twitty--Play guitar play
78. Count Five--Psychotic reaction
79. Creedence Clearwater Revival--Proud mary
80. Crispian St Peters--Pied piper
81. Curtis Lee--Pretty little angel eyes
82. D.J Jazzy Jeff @ The Fresh Prince--Parents just dont understand
83. Dan Fogelberg--Part of the plan
84. Dan Fogelberg--Power of gold
85. Daryl Hall @ John Oates--Private eyes
86. Dave Clark Five--Please tell me why
87. Dave Loggins--Please come to boston
88. Dean Martin--Powder your face with sunshine
89. Def Leppard--Photograph
90. Def Leppard--Pour some sugar on me
91. Depeche Mode--People are people
92. Depeche Mode--Personal jesus
93. Depeche Mode--Photographic
94. Depeche Mode--Pipeline
95. Depeche Mode--Pleasure, Little Treasure
96. Depeche Mode--Policy of truth
97. Depeche Mode--Puppets
98. Diana Ross--Pieces of ice
99. Diane Ray--Please dont talk to the lifeguard
100. Dickey Lee--Patches
101. Dick Jacobs @ His Orchestra--Petticoats of portugal
102. Dick Kuhn--Put your arms around me honey
103. Dionne Warwick--Promises promises
104. Dodie Stevens--Pink shoe laces
105. Donny Osmond--Puppy love
106. Don Azpiazu--Peanut vendor
107. Doors--People are strange
108. Doris Day--Pillow talk
109. Do Or Die @ Tung Twista @ Johnny P--Po pimp
110. Drifters--Please stay
111. Eagles--Peaceful easy feeling
112. Eagles--Please come home for christmas
113. Eddie Cochran--Pink peg slacks
114. Eddie Cooley--Priscilla
115. Elton John--Part time love
116. Elton John--Philadelphia freedom
117. Elvis Presley--Playing for keeps
118. Elvis Presley--Puppet on a string
119. Enya--Paint The Sky With Stars
120. Enya--Pax Deorum
121. Eric Clapton--Promises
122. Etta James--Pushover
123. Evelyn Knight--Powder your face with sunshine
124. Everly Brothers--Poor jenny
125. Everly Brothers--Problems
126. Expose--Point of no returne
127. Factor M--Pop muzik
128. Fairground Attraction--Perfect
129. Faith Hill--Piece Of My Heart
130. Faith No More--Paths Of Glory
131. Faith No More--Pristina
132. Four Aces--Pennies from heaven
133. Four Lads--Put a light in window
134. Frank Sintra--Pocketful of miracles
135. Freddy 'Boom-Boom' Cannon--Palisades park
136. Fred Astaire--Piccolino
137. Garbage--Parade
138. Garbage--Push it
139. Genesis--Paperlate
140. Gene @ Debbie--Playboy
141. Gene Austin Or Bert Lown--Please dont talk about me when im gone
142. Gene Kelly @ Fred Astaire--Pass that peace pipe
143. Gene McDaniels--Point of no return
144. Gene Pitney--Princess in rags
145. George Baker Selection--Paloma blanca
146. George Michael--Praying for time
147. George Olsen--Please
148. Gino Vannelli--People gotta move
149. Ginuwine--Ponyg
150. Guns N Roses--Paradise city
151. Guns N Roses--Patience
152. Guy Lombardo--Paradise
153. Guy Mitchell--Pittsburgh pennsylvania
154. Hank Locklin--Please help me im falling
155. Helen Reddy--Peaceful
156. Hilltoppers--Ps i love youth
157. Hilltoppers @ Frank Sinatra--Poor butterfly
158. Hollies--Pay you back with interest
159. Howard Jones--Prisoner
160. Huey Lewis @ The News--Perfect world
161. Huey Lewis @ The News--Power of love
162. Ian Thomas--Painted ladies
163. Ice Cube featuring Mr Short KHOP--Pushin weight
164. Ike @ Tina Turner--Poor fool
165. Impressions--People get ready
166. Ink Spots--People will say were in love
167. Irving Aaronson--Pardon my southern accent
168. Irving Berlin--Puttin on the ritz
169. Jackie DeShannon--Put a little love in your heart
170. Jackie Moore--Precious precious
171. James Brown--Papas got a brand new bag
172. James Brown--Payback
173. James Darren--Pin a medal on joey
174. Jamiroquai--Picture Of My Life
175. Jamiroquai--Planet Home
176. Janet Jackson--Pleasure principle
177. Janis Joplin--Piece of my heart
178. Jan @ Dean--Popsicle
179. Jaye P Morgan--Pepper hot baby
180. Jerry Wallace @ The Jewels--Primrose lane
181. Jimmy Dorsey--Perfidia
182. Joey Dee @ The Starlighters--Peppermint twist part 1
183. Johnny Ace--Pledging my love
184. Johnny Desmond--Play me hearts and flowers
185. Johnny Mathis--Please be kind
186. Johnny Mercer--Personality
187. Johnny Rivers--Poor side of town
188. Johnny Tillotson--Poetry in motion
189. John Cougar Mellencamp--Paper in fire
190. John Cougar Mellencamp--Pink houses
191. John Cougar Mellencamp--Pop singer
192. John Farnham--Please Don't Ask Me
193. John Lennon--Power to the people
194. Jon B--Pretty girl
195. Journey--Partys over hopelessly in love
196. Jr Walker @ The All-Stars--Pucker up buttercup
197. K.W.S--Please dont go
198. Kansas--People of the south wind
199. Kansas--Play the game tonight
200. Kansas--Point of know return
201. Karle Bonoff--Personally
202. Kate Bush--Pull Out The Pin
203. Kay Kyser--Playmates
204. Kay Kyser @ His Orchestra--Praise the lord and pass the ammunition
205. KC @ The Sunshine Band--Please dont go
206. Lauren Wood--Please dont leave
207. Left Banke--Pretty ballerina
208. Les Paul @ Mary Ford--Put a ring on my finger
209. Lettermen--Precious and few
210. Linda Ronstadt--Poor poor pitiful me
211. Lionel Richie--Penny lover
212. Lloyd Price--Personality
213. Madonna--Papa dont preach
214. Madonna--Power of goodbye
215. Maggie--Pack up your troubles
216. Manfred Mann--Pretty flamingo
217. Marathons--Peanut butter
218. Mariah Carey--Petals
219. Mariah Carey--Prisoner
220. Marie Osmond--Paper roses
221. MARRS--Pump up the volume
222. Marvelettes--Playboy
223. Marvelettes--Please mr postman
224. Marvin Gaye--Pretty little baby
225. Marvin Gaye--Pride and joy
226. McGuire Sisters--Picnic
227. Meat Loaf--Paradise by the dashboard light
228. Melanie--Peace will come
229. Melissa Manchester--Pretty girls
230. Men Without Hats--Pop goes the world
231. Meri Wilson--Peter the meter reader
232. Merry Macs--Pretty kitty blue eyes
233. Michael Jackson--Pyt pretty young thing
234. Michael W Smith--Place in this world
235. Mills Brothers--Paper doll
236. Modern Talking--Part Time Lover
237. Modern Talking--Princess Of The Night
238. Monkees--Pleasant valley sunday
239. Monkees--Porpoise song
240. Murmaids--Popsicles and icicles
241. Musical Youth--Pass the dutchie
242. Naked Eyes--Promises promisesne
243. Neil Diamond--Play me
244. New Kids On The Block--Please dont go girl
245. New Seekers--Pinball wizard see me feel me
246. Nirvana--Paper Cuts
247. Nirvana--Pay To Play
248. Nirvana--Pennyroyal Tea
249. Nirvana--Pen Cap Chew
250. Ocean--Put your hand in the hand
251. Offspring--Pretty fly
252. Olivia Newton-John--Please mr please
253. Osmonds--Proud one
254. Otis Redding--Papas got a brand new bagor
255. Partridge Family--Partridge family theme
256. Patti Page--Poor mans roses
257. Pat Benatar--Promises in the dark
258. Paula Abdul--Promise of a new day
259. Paul Anka--Put your head on my shoulder
260. Paul McCartney--Press
261. Perry Como--Papa loves mambo
262. Perry Como--Patricia
263. Perry Como--Prisoner of love
264. Peter, Paul @ Mary--Puff the magic dragon
265. Peter Gabriel--Perspective
266. Phil Seymour--Precious to me
267. Phoebe Snow--Poetry man
268. Prince--Partyman
269. Prince--Pop life
270. Prince--Purple rain
271. Ray Noble--Paris in the spring
272. Re-flex--Politics of dancing
273. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Pea
274. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Porcelain
275. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Purple Stain
276. Rick Nelson--Poor little fool
277. Ringo Starr--Photograph
278. Rod Stewart--Passion
279. Rolling Stones--Paint it black
280. Royaltones--Poor boy
281. Roy Orbison--Pretty paper
282. Sade--Paradise
283. Salt N Pepa--Push it
284. Seal--Prayer for the dying
285. Seeds--Pushin too hard
286. Snap--Powers
287. Status Quo--Pictures of matchstick men
288. Steely Dan--Peg
289. Steve Lawrence--Portrait of my love
290. Steve Lawrence--Pretty blue eyes
291. Stevie Wonder--Part time lover
292. Stevie Wonder--Place in the sun
293. Stylistics--People make world go round
294. Sue Thompson--Paper tiger
295. Sylvia--Pillow talks
296. Taylor Dayne--Prove your love
297. Technotronic--Pump up the jam
298. Temptations--Papa was a rollin stone
299. Temptations--Please return your love to me
300. Temptations--Psychedelic shack
301. Teresa Brewer @ The Dixieland All Stars--Put another nickel in music music music
302. Three Dog Night--Pieces of april
303. Three Dog Night--Play something sweet
304. Tina Turner--Private dancer
305. Tommy Edwards--Please love me forever
306. Tommy Edwards--Please mr sun
307. Tony Joe White--Polk salad annie
308. Toto--Pamela
309. U2--Pride in the name of love
310. Ultravox--Private Lives
311. Uniques featuring Joe Stampley--Please come home for christmas
312. Vanilla Ice--Play that funky music
313. Van Halen--Panama
314. Van Halen--Pretty woman
315. Vernon Dalhart--Prisoners song
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