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1. H-Town & The Persuaders--Thin line between love and hate
2. Haddaway--What is love
3. Hall & Oates--Everything your heart desires
4. Hall & Oates--Method of modern love
5. Hall & Oates--One on one
6. Hall & Oates--Rich girl
7. Hall & Oates--Your imagination
8. Hall & Oates--Youve lost that loving feeling
9. Halos--Nag
10. Hal Kemp--Hands across the table
11. Hal Kemp--I dont want to make history
12. Hal Kemp--Theres a small hotel
13. Hal Kemp--Three little fishies
14. Hal Kemp--Touch of your lips
15. Hal Kemp--When im with you
16. Hal Kemp--Where in the world
17. Hal Kemp--Where or when
18. Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds--Dont pull your love
19. Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds--Fallin in love
20. Hammer--Addams groove
21. Hang On Sloopy--Hang on sloopy
22. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters--Finger poppin time
23. Hank Locklin--Please help me im falling
24. Hank Williams--Cold cold heart
25. Hanson--Mmmbop
26. Hans Last & Jackie Rae--Happy heart
27. Happenings--Go away little girl
28. Happenings--I got rhythm
29. Happenings--My mammy
30. Happenings--See you in september
31. Happy Together--Happy together
32. Harden Trio--Tippy toeing
33. Harold Adamson & Walter Donaldson--Its been so long
34. Harold Melvin--Wake up everybody
35. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes featuring Theodore Pendergrass--Bad luck
36. Harry & Sandy Chapin--Cats in the cradle
37. Harry Belafonte, Lord Burgess & Bill Attaway--Day o
38. Harry Belafonte--Dont ever love me
39. Harry Belafonte--Island in the sun
40. Harry Belafonte--Jamaica farewell
41. Harry Belafonte--Jump in the line
42. Harry Belafonte--Mama look at bubu
43. Harry Belafonte--Marys boy child
44. Harry Chapin--Sequel
45. Harry Chapin--Taxi
46. Harry Chapin--Wold
47. Harry James--Autumn serenade
48. Harry James--Hes my guy
49. Harry James--Ill get by
50. Harry James--Im always chasing rainbows
51. Harry James--Im beginning to see the light
52. Harry James--I dont want to walk without you
53. Harry James--Oh but i do
54. Harry James--One dozen roses
55. Harry James--Sleepy lagoon
56. Harry James & Helen Forrest--Ive heard that song before
57. Harry James & His Orchestra--This is always
58. Harry James featuring Betty Grable--I cant begin to tell youbg
59. Harry James Orchestra--I had the craziest dream
60. Harry Nilsson--Daybreak
61. Harry Nilsson--Jump into the fire
62. Harry Nilsson--Me and my arrow
63. Harry Nilsson--Without you
64. Harry Owens--Sweet leilani
65. Harry Simeone Chorale--Little drummer boy
66. Hart Corey--Little love
67. Harvey Danger--Flagpole sitta
68. Hayley Mills--Johnny jingo
69. Hayley Mills--Lets get together
70. Heart--All i wanna do is make love to you
71. Heart--Alone
72. Heart--Barracuda
73. Heart--Crazy on you
74. Heart--Dog and butterfly
75. Heart--Even it up
76. Heart--Heartless
77. Heart--Magic man
78. Heart--Never
79. Heart--Nothin at all
80. Heart--Straight on
81. Heart--Stranded
82. Heart--Theres the girl
83. Heart--These dreams
84. Heart--This man is mine
85. Heart--What about love
86. Heart--Who will you run to
87. Heart--Will you be thereh
88. Heartbeats--Thousand miles away
89. Heatwave--Always and forever
90. Heatwave--Boogie nights
91. Heatwave--Groove line
92. Heavy D--Big daddy
93. Heavy D & The Boyz--Now that weve found love
94. Heights--How do you talk to an angel
95. Helen Forrest--Ill buy that dream
96. Helen Forrest--Time waits for no one
97. Helen Forrest & Dick Haymes--Im always chasing rainbow
98. Helen Forrest & Dick Haymes--Long ago and far away
99. Helen Forrest & Dick Haymes--Some sunday morning
100. Helen Forrest & Dick Haymes--Together
101. Helen Morgan--Why was i born
102. Helen Reddy--Aint no way to treat a lady
103. Helen Reddy--Angie baby
104. Helen Reddy--Bluebird
105. Helen Reddy--Delta dawn
106. Helen Reddy--Emotion
107. Helen Reddy--I am woman
108. Helen Reddy--I cant hear you no more
109. Helen Reddy--Keep on singing
110. Helen Reddy--Leave me alone ruby red dress
111. Helen Reddy--Peaceful
112. Helen Reddy--Somewhere in the night
113. Helen Reddy--Youre my world
114. Helen Reddy--You and me against the world
115. Henhouse Five Plus Too--In the mood
116. Henry Busse--All i do is dream of you
117. Henry Busse--Im thru with love
118. Henry Busse--With plenty of money and you
119. Henry Gross--Shannon
120. Henry Mancini, Jay Livingston & Ray Evans--Dear heart
121. Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer--Days of wine and roses
122. Henson Cargill--Skip a rope
123. Herbert Kretzmer--Yesterday when i was young
124. Herb Alpert--Making love in the rain
125. Herb Alpert--This guys in love with you
126. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass--Mame
127. Herb Magidson & Con Conrad--Continental
128. Herman's Hermits--Cant you hear my heartbeat
129. Herman's Hermits--Dandy
130. Herman's Hermits--Dont go out in the rain
131. Herman's Hermits--East west
132. Herman's Hermits--Im henry viii i am
133. Herman's Hermits--Im into something good
134. Herman's Hermits--Just a little bit better
135. Herman's Hermits--Leaning on a lamp post
136. Herman's Hermits--Listen people
137. Herman's Hermits--Mrs brown
138. Herman's Hermits--Museum
139. Herman's Hermits--Must to avoid
140. Herman's Hermits--No milk today
141. Herman's Hermits--Silhouettes
142. Herman's Hermits--This door swings both ways
143. Herman's Hermits--What a wonderful world
144. Hi-Five--I cant wait another minute
145. Hi-Five--I like the way the kissing game
146. Hi-Five--Shes playing hard to get
147. Highwaymen--Cotton fields
148. Highwaymen--Michael row boat ashore
149. High Hatters--My future just passed
150. High Inergy--You cant turn me off
151. Hilltoppers--Ps i love youth
152. Hilltoppers--Time waits for no oneh
153. Hilltoppers & Frank Sinatra--Poor butterfly
154. Hoagy Carmicheal--Huggin and chalkin
155. Hollies, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton John, B Scott & B Russell--He aint heavy hes my brother
156. Hollies--Bus stop
157. Hollies--Carrie anne
158. Hollies--Jennifer eccles
159. Hollies--Long cool woman
160. Hollies--Long dark road
161. Hollies--Look through any window
162. Hollies--On a carousel
163. Hollies--Pay you back with interest
164. Hollies--Stop stop stop
165. Hollies--The air that i breathe
166. Hollywood Argyles--Alley oop
167. Hombres--Let it out let it all hang out
168. Homer & Jethro--Battle of kookamonga
169. Honeycombs--Have i right
170. Honeydrippers--Sea of love
171. Honeymoon Suite--Feel it again
172. Honeys--One you cant have
173. Honey Cone--Stick up
174. Honey Cone--Want ads
175. Hong-Kong Syndicat--Concrete and clay
176. Hooters--And we danced
177. Hooters--Where do the children go
178. Hootie & The Blowfish--Hold my hand
179. Hootie & The Blowfish--Let her cry
180. Hootie & The Blowfish--Old man and me
181. Hootie & The Blowfish--Only wanna be with you
182. Hootie & The Blowfish--Timehb
183. Horace Heidt--Gone with the wind
184. Horace Heidt--Hut sut song
185. Horace Heidt--I dont want to set the world on fire
186. Horace Heidt--Lovelight in the starlight
187. Horace Heidt--My margarita
188. Horace Heidt--Once in a while
189. Horace Heidt--Sweet someone
190. Horace Heidt--Theres a goldmine in the sky
191. Horace Heidt--This cant be love
192. Horace Heidt--Ti pi tin
193. Horace Heidt--Tu li tulip time
194. Hot--Angel in your arms
195. Hotel Commodore Orchestra--Hold me
196. Hotlegs--Neanderthal man
197. Hot Chocolate--Emma
198. Hot Chocolate--Every 1s a winner
199. Hot Chocolate--So you win again
200. Hot Chocolate--You sexy thing
201. Hot One--Shudder to thinks
202. Housemartins--Anxious
203. Housemartins--Build
204. Housemartins--Flag day
205. Housemartins--Freedom
206. Housemartins--Get up off our knees
207. Housemartins--Happy hour
208. Housemartins--Over there
209. Housemartins--Sheep
210. Housemartins--Sitting on a fence
211. Housemartins--Think for a minute
212. House Of Pain--Jump around
213. Howard James--No one is to blame
214. Howard Jones--Everlasting love
215. Howard Jones--Life in one day
216. Howard Jones--Lift me up
217. Howard Jones--New song
218. Howard Jones--Prisoner
219. Howard Jones--Things can only get better
220. Howard Jones--What is love
221. Howard Jones--You know i love you dont you
222. Howie Greenfield & Jack Keller--Everybodys somebodys fool
223. Howie Greenfield & Neil Sedaka--Breakin in a brand new broken heart
224. Howlin' Wolf--Little red rooster
225. Hoyt Axton--Della and the dealer
226. Hoyt Axton--Evangelina
227. Hudson-DeLange Orchestra--Yours and mine
228. Hudson Bros--So you are a star
229. Hues Corporation--Rock boat
230. Huey 'Piano' Smith--Dont ya just know it
231. Huey Lewis & The News--Doing it all for my baby
232. Huey Lewis & The News--Do you believe in love
233. Huey Lewis & The News--Heart and soul
234. Huey Lewis & The News--Heart of rock and roll
235. Huey Lewis & The News--Hip to be square
236. Huey Lewis & The News--Hope you love me like you say you do
237. Huey Lewis & The News--If this is it
238. Huey Lewis & The News--I know what i like
239. Huey Lewis & The News--I want a new drug
240. Huey Lewis & The News--Jacobs ladder
241. Huey Lewis & The News--Perfect world
242. Huey Lewis & The News--Power of love
243. Huey Lewis & The News--Small world
244. Huey Lewis & The News--Stuck with you
245. Huey Lewis & The News--Walking on a thin line
246. Huey Lewis & The News--Whole lotta lovin
247. Hugh Masekela--Grazing in the grass
248. Human League--Dont you want me
249. Human League--Heart like a wheel
250. Human League--Human
251. Human League--Keep feeling fascination
252. Human League--Mirror man
253. Human League--Tell me when
254. Hurricane Smith--Oh babe what would you say
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