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1. Eagle-Eye Cherry--Save tonight
2. Eagles--Already gone
3. Eagles--Best of my love
4. Eagles--Get over it
5. Eagles--Heartache tonight
6. Eagles--Hotel california
7. Eagles--I cant tell you why
8. Eagles--Life in the fast lane
9. Eagles--Love will keep us alive
10. Eagles--Lyin eyes
11. Eagles--New kid in town
12. Eagles--One of these nights
13. Eagles--Peaceful easy feeling
14. Eagles--Please come home for christmas
15. Eagles--Seven bridges road
16. Eagles--Take it easy
17. Eagles--Take it to the limit
18. Eagles--The long run
19. Eagles--Witchy women
20. Earls--Remember then
21. Earl Burnett--Little white lieseb
22. Earl Burnett--Sunny side up
23. Earl Grant--End
24. Earth, Wind & Fire--After the love has gone
25. Earth, Wind & Fire--Cant hide love
26. Earth, Wind & Fire--Devotion
27. Earth, Wind & Fire--Fall in love with me
28. Earth, Wind & Fire--Getaway
29. Earth, Wind & Fire--Got to get you into my life
30. Earth, Wind & Fire--Lets groove
31. Earth, Wind & Fire--Mighty mighty
32. Earth, Wind & Fire--Saturday nite
33. Earth, Wind & Fire--September
34. Earth, Wind & Fire--Serpentine fire
35. Earth, Wind & Fire--Shining star
36. Earth, Wind & Fire--Sing a song
37. Earth, Wind & Fire--Thats the way of the world
38. Earth, Wind & Fire & The Emotions--Boogie wonderland
39. Eartha Kitt--Cest si bon
40. Eartha Kitt--Santa baby
41. Eartha Kitt--Somebody bad stole the wedding bell
42. Easybeats--Friday on my mind
43. Echoes--Baby blue
44. Eddie Cochran--Cmon everybody
45. Eddie Cochran--Jeanie jeanie
46. Eddie Cochran--My way
47. Eddie Cochran--Nervous breakdown
48. Eddie Cochran--Pink peg slacks
49. Eddie Cochran--Sittin in the balcony
50. Eddie Cochran--Skinny jim
51. Eddie Cochran--Summertime blues
52. Eddie Cochran--Weekend
53. Eddie Cooley--Priscilla
54. Eddie De Lange, Will Hudson & Irving Mills--Moonglow
55. Eddie Fisher--Anema e core
56. Eddie Fisher--Dungaree doll
57. Eddie Fisher--Heart
58. Eddie Fisher--Im walking behind you
59. Eddie Fisher--I need you now
60. Eddie Fisher--Oh my papa
61. Eddie Fisher--Wish you were here
62. Eddie Fisher & Rosemary Clooney & Bing Crosby--Count your blessings
63. Eddie Grant--Electric avenue
64. Eddie Hodges--Girls girls girls were made to love
65. Eddie Hodges--Im gonna knock on your door
66. Eddie Holman--Hey there lonely girl
67. Eddie Kendricks--Keep on truckin
68. Eddie Money--Baby hold onem
69. Eddie Money--Ill get by
70. Eddie Money--I wanna go back
71. Eddie Money--Think im in love
72. Eddie Money--Two tickets to paradise
73. Eddie Money featuring Ronnie Spector--Take me home tonight
74. Eddie Rabbit--Someone could lose a heart tonight
75. Eddie Rabbitt--Driving my life away
76. Eddie Rabbitt--Every which way but loose
77. Eddie Rabbitt--I love a rainy night
78. Eddie Rabbitt--Suspicions
79. Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle--You and i
80. Eddy Arnold--Bouquet of roses
81. Eddy Arnold--Four walls
82. Eddy Arnold--Last word in lonesome is me
83. Eddy Duchin--Did you ever see a dream walking
84. Eddy Duchin--Dont wait till the night before christmas
85. Eddy Duchin--Get out of town
86. Eddy Duchin--Ill sing you a thousand love songs
87. Eddy Duchin--Its de lovely
88. Eddy Duchin--I cover the waterfront
89. Eddy Duchin--I wont dance
90. Eddy Duchin--Lights out
91. Eddy Duchin--Lovely to look at
92. Eddy Duchin--Moon over miami
93. Eddy Duchin--Number ten lullaby lane
94. Eddy Duchin--You are my lucky star
95. Eddy Grant--I dont wanna dance
96. Eddy Grant--Romancing the stone
97. Eddy Grant--Till i cant take love no more
98. Eddy Howard--I love you for sentimental reasons
99. Eddy Howard--My adobe hacienda
100. Eddy Howard--Theres yes yes in your eyes
101. Eddy Howard--Till we two are one
102. Eddy Howard & His Orchestra--Sin
103. Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes Of 'Lend Me Your Comb' fame--Yulesville
104. Edgar 'Yip' Harburg & Jay Gorney--Brother can you spare a dime
105. Edgar Winter Group--Free ride
106. Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians--What i am
107. Edison Lighthouse--Love grows where my rosemary goes
108. Edsels--Rama lama ding dong
109. Edward Bear--Close your eyes
110. Edward Bear--Last song
111. Edward Byrnes & Connie Stevens--Kookie kookie
112. Edwin Hawkins Singers--Oh happy day
113. Edwin McCain--Ill be
114. Edwin Starr--Twenty five miles
115. Edwin Starr--War
116. Edwyn Collins--Girl like you
117. Ed Ames--My cup runneth over
118. Ed Ames--Trolley song
119. Ed Ames--Who will answer
120. Ed Townsend--For your love
121. Eighth Day--Shes not just another woman
122. Eileen Barton--If i knew you were comin
123. Eileen Rodgers--Miracle of love
124. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--All over the world
125. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Calling america
126. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Cant get it out of my head
127. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Confusion
128. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Dont bring me down
129. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Do ya
130. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Evil woman
131. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Hold on tight
132. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Im alive
133. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Last train to london
134. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Livin thing
135. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Mr blue sky
136. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Rock n roll is king
137. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Shine a little love
138. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Strange magic
139. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Sweet talkin woman
140. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Telephone line
141. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Turn to stone
142. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Twilight
143. Electric Prunes--Get me to world on time
144. Electric Prunes--I had too much to dream
145. Elegants--Little star
146. Elephant's Memory--Mongoose
147. Ella Fitzgerald--A-tisket a-tasket
148. Ella Fitzgerald--Its only a paper moon
149. Ella Fitzgerald--Jersey bounce
150. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong--Dont be that way
151. Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots--Im making believe
152. Ella Mae Morse--No love no nothin
153. Ellie Greenwich--You dont know
154. Elton Britt--Theres a star spangled banner waving somewhere
155. Elton John--Believe
156. Elton John--Bennie and the jets
157. Elton John--Bitch is back
158. Elton John--Bite your lip
159. Elton John--Blessed
160. Elton John--Blue eyes
161. Elton John--Border song
162. Elton John--Candle in the wind
163. Elton John--Candle in the wind 1997
164. Elton John--Can you feel the love tonight
165. Elton John--Chloe
166. Elton John--Circle of life
167. Elton John--Club at the end of the street
168. Elton John--Crocodile rock
169. Elton John--Daniel
170. Elton John--Dont go breaking my heart
171. Elton John--Dont let the sun go down on me
172. Elton John--Ego
173. Elton John--Empty garden
174. Elton John--Friends
175. Elton John--Goodbye yellow brick road
176. Elton John--Grow some funk of your own
177. Elton John--Healing hands
178. Elton John--Honky cat
179. Elton John--Im still standing
180. Elton John--In neon
181. Elton John--Island girl
182. Elton John--I dont wanna go on with you like that
183. Elton John--I feel like a bullet
184. Elton John--I guess thats why they call it the blues
185. Elton John--Kiss the bride
186. Elton John--Last song
187. Elton John--Levon
188. Elton John--Little jeannie
189. Elton John--Lucy in the sky with diamonds
190. Elton John--Mama cant buy you love
191. Elton John--Nikita
192. Elton John--Nobody wins
193. Elton John--One
194. Elton John--Part time love
195. Elton John--Philadelphia freedom
196. Elton John--Rocket man
197. Elton John--Sacrifice
198. Elton John--Sad songs
199. Elton John--Sartorial eloquence
200. Elton John--Saturday nights alright for fighting
201. Elton John--Simple life
202. Elton John--Someone saved my life tonight
203. Elton John--Something about the way you look tonight
204. Elton John--Sorry seems to be the hardest word
205. Elton John--Victim of love
206. Elton John--Who wears these shoes
207. Elton John--Word in spanish
208. Elton John--Wrap her up
209. Elton John--Your song
210. Elton John & Don Henley--Shakey ground
211. Elton John & Jennifer Rush--Flames of paradise
212. Elvin Bishop--Folled around and fell in love
213. Elvis Costello--Veronica
214. Elvis Costello & The Attractions--Everyday i write the book
215. Elvis Presley--Aint that loving you baby
216. Elvis Presley--Anything thats part of you
217. Elvis Presley--Anyway you want me
218. Elvis Presley--Ask me
219. Elvis Presley--Big boss man
220. Elvis Presley--Big hunk o love
221. Elvis Presley--Bossa nova baby
222. Elvis Presley--Burning love
223. Elvis Presley--Cant help falling in love
224. Elvis Presley--Clean up your own backyard
225. Elvis Presley--C c rider
226. Elvis Presley--Doncha think its time
227. Elvis Presley--Dont
228. Elvis Presley--Dont ask me why
229. Elvis Presley--Dont cry daddy
230. Elvis Presley--Do the clam
231. Elvis Presley--Fame and fortune
232. Elvis Presley--Flaming star
233. Elvis Presley--Follow that dream
234. Elvis Presley--Frankie and johnny
235. Elvis Presley--From a jack to a king
236. Elvis Presley--Good luck charm
237. Elvis Presley--Guitar man
238. Elvis Presley--Hard headed woman
239. Elvis Presley--If i can dream
240. Elvis Presley--If you talk in your sleep
241. Elvis Presley--Im leavin
242. Elvis Presley--Im yours
243. Elvis Presley--Indescribably blue
244. Elvis Presley--In the ghetto
245. Elvis Presley--It hurts me
246. Elvis Presley--Ive got a thing about you baby
247. Elvis Presley--Ive lost you
248. Elvis Presley--I beg of you
249. Elvis Presley--I feel so bad
250. Elvis Presley--I gotta know
251. Elvis Presley--I got stung
252. Elvis Presley--I need your love tonight
253. Elvis Presley--I really dont want to know
254. Elvis Presley--I want you i need you i love you
255. Elvis Presley--I was the one
256. Elvis Presley--Just a little bit
257. Elvis Presley--Kentucky rain
258. Elvis Presley--King of the whole wide world
259. Elvis Presley--Kissin cousins
260. Elvis Presley--Kiss me quick
261. Elvis Presley--Little sister
262. Elvis Presley--Lonely man
263. Elvis Presley--Love meep
264. Elvis Presley--Love me tender
265. Elvis Presley--Loving you
266. Elvis Presley--Make the world go away
267. Elvis Presley--Maries the name of his latest flame
268. Elvis Presley--Memories
269. Elvis Presley--Mess of blues
270. Elvis Presley--Moody blue
271. Elvis Presley--My baby left me
272. Elvis Presley--My boy
273. Elvis Presley--My wish came true
274. Elvis Presley--Now and then theres a fool such as i
275. Elvis Presley--One broken heart for sale
276. Elvis Presley--One night
277. Elvis Presley--Playing for keeps
278. Elvis Presley--Puppet on a string
279. Elvis Presley--Return to sender
280. Elvis Presley--Rock a hula baby
281. Elvis Presley--Santa claus is back in town
282. Elvis Presley--Separate ways
283. Elvis Presley--Shes not you
284. Elvis Presley--Spinout
285. Elvis Presley--Steamroller blues
286. Elvis Presley--Stuck on you
287. Elvis Presley--Such an easy question
288. Elvis Presley--Such a night
289. Elvis Presley--Surrender
290. Elvis Presley--Suspicion
291. Elvis Presley--Suspicious minds
292. Elvis Presley--Tell me why
293. Elvis Presley--Thats when your heartaches begin
294. Elvis Presley--There will be peace in the valley for me
295. Elvis Presley--Too much
296. Elvis Presley--Treat me nice
297. Elvis Presley--T r o u b l e
298. Elvis Presley--Until its time for you to go
299. Elvis Presley--U s male
300. Elvis Presley--Viva las vegas
301. Elvis Presley--Way down
302. Elvis Presley--Wear my ring around your neck
303. Elvis Presley--Western union
304. Elvis Presley--Whatd i say
305. Elvis Presley--When my blue moon turns to gold again
306. Elvis Presley--Where did they go lord
307. Elvis Presley--Wild in the country
308. Elvis Presley--Without love there is nothing
309. Elvis Presley--Wonder of you
310. Elvis Presley--Youre the devil in disguise
311. Elvis Presley--Your cheatin heart
312. Elvis Presley--You better run
313. Elvis Presley--You dont have to say you love me
314. El Dorados--At my front door
315. Emerson Lake & Palmer--From the beginning
316. EMF--Unbelievable
317. Emilio Pericoli--Al di la
318. Emotions--Best of my love
319. Enchantment--Its you that i need
320. Engelbert Humperdinck--After the lovin
321. Engelbert Humperdinck--Last waltz
322. Engelbert Humperdinck--Les bicyclettes de belsize
323. Engelbert Humperdinck--Man without love Quando M'innamoro
324. Engelbert Humperdinck--Release meeh
325. Engelbert Humperdinck--There goes my everything
326. Engelbert Humperdinck--This moment in time
327. Engelbert Humperdinck--Way it used to be
328. Engelbert Humperdinck--Winter world of love
329. Engelbert Humperdinck--Yours
330. England Dan & John Ford Coley--Gone too far
331. England Dan & John Ford Coley--Id really love to see you tonight
332. England Dan & John Ford Coley--Its sad to belong
333. England Dan & John Ford Coley--Love is the answer
334. England Dan & John Ford Coley--Nights are forever without you
335. England Dan & John Ford Coley--Well never have to say goodbye
336. Enigma--Return to innocence
337. Enigma--Sadeness part I
338. Enric Madriguera--Blow gabriel blow
339. Enric Madriguera--If there is someone lovelier than you
340. Enya--Afer Ventus
341. Enya--Anywhere Is
342. Enya--As Baile
343. Enya--Athair Ar Neamh
344. Enya--A Day Without Rain
345. Enya--Book Of Days
346. Enya--Caribbean Blue
347. Enya--China Roses
348. Enya--Cursum Perficio
349. Enya--Deireadh An Tuath
350. Enya--Deora Ar Mo Chroi
351. Enya--Evening Falls
352. Enya--Fallen Embers
353. Enya--Flora's Secret
354. Enya--How Can I Keep From Singing
355. Enya--I May Not Awaken
356. Enya--I Want Tomorrow
357. Enya--Lazy Days
358. Enya--Marble Halls
359. Enya--March Of The Celts
360. Enya--May It Be
361. Enya--Once You Had Gold
362. Enya--One By One
363. Enya--Only If
364. Enya--Only Time
365. Enya--On My Way Home
366. Enya--On Your Shore
367. Enya--Orinoco flow
368. Enya--Paint The Sky With Stars
369. Enya--Pax Deorum
370. Enya--Song Of The Sandman
371. Enya--Storms In Africa
372. Enya--Tempus Vernum
373. Enya--The Celts
374. Enya--The Frog Prince
375. Enya--The Longships
376. Enya--Wild Child
377. En Vogue--Dont let go love
378. En Vogue--Free your mind
379. En Vogue--Give it up turn it loose
380. En Vogue--Hold one
381. En Vogue--Lies
382. En Vogue--Love dont love you
383. En Vogue--My lovin youre never gonna get it
384. En Vogue--Youre all i need
385. Equals--Baby come back
386. Erasure--Always
387. Erasure--Chains of love
388. Erasure--Little respect
389. Eric Burdon & The Animals--Help me girl
390. Eric Burdon & The Animals--Monterey
391. Eric Burdon & The Animals--San franciscan nights
392. Eric Burdon & The Animals--See see ridereb
393. Eric Burdon & The Animals--When i was young
394. Eric Burdon & The War--Spill the wine
395. Eric Carmen--All by myself
396. Eric Carmen--Baby i need your lovin
397. Eric Carmen--Change of heart
398. Eric Carmen--Hungry eyes
399. Eric Carmen--I wanna hear it from your lips
400. Eric Carmen--Make me lose control
401. Eric Carmen--Never gonna fall in love again
402. Eric Carmen--She did it
403. Eric Carmen--Sunrise
404. Eric Clapton--After midnight
405. Eric Clapton--Forever man
406. Eric Clapton--Ive got a rock n roll heart
407. Eric Clapton--I shot the sheriff
408. Eric Clapton--Layla
409. Eric Clapton--Lay down sally
410. Eric Clapton--Promises
411. Eric Clapton--Tears in heaven
412. Eric Clapton--Tulsa time
413. Eric Clapton--Wonderful tonight
414. Eric Clapton & Babyface--Change the world
415. Eric Clapton & His Band--I cant stand it
416. Ernest Gold--Exodus
417. Ernie (Jim Hanson)--Rubber duckie
418. Ernie K-Doe--Mother in law
419. Ernie Maresca--Shout shout know yourself out
420. Erykah Badu--Next lifetime
421. Erykah Badu--On and one
422. Escape Club--Ill be there
423. Escape Club--Wild wild west
424. Esquires--Get on up
425. Essex--Easier said than done
426. Essex--Walkin miracle
427. Eternal--Stay
428. Ethel Merman--Youre the top
429. Ethel Waters--Dont blame me
430. Ethel Waters--Heat wave
431. Ethel Waters--Three little words
432. Etta James--All i could do was cry
433. Etta James--My dearest darling
434. Etta James--Pushover
435. Etta James--Tell mama
436. Etta James--Trust in me
437. Euclid Beach Band--Theres no surf in cleveland usa.
438. Europe--Carrie
439. Europe--Final countdown
440. Europe--Rock the night
441. Europe--Superstitious
442. Eurythmics--Dont ask me why
443. Eurythmics--Here comes the rain again
444. Eurythmics--Love is a stranger
445. Eurythmics--Missionary man
446. Eurythmics--Right by your side
447. Eurythmics--Sweet dreams
448. Eurythmics--There must be an angel
449. Eurythmics--Whos that girle
450. Eurythmics--Would i lie to you
451. Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin--Sisters are doin it for themselves
452. Evelyn King--Im in love
453. Evelyn King--I dont know if its right
454. Evelyn King--Love come down
455. Evelyn King--Shame
456. Evelyn Knight--Little bird told me
457. Evelyn Knight--Powder your face with sunshine
458. Everly Brothers--All i have to do is dream
459. Everly Brothers--Bird dog
460. Everly Brothers--Bowling green
461. Everly Brothers--Bye bye love
462. Everly Brothers--Crying in the rain
463. Everly Brothers--Devoted to you
464. Everly Brothers--Dont blame me
465. Everly Brothers--Ebony eyes
466. Everly Brothers--Let it be me
467. Everly Brothers--Love of my life
468. Everly Brothers--Lucille
469. Everly Brothers--Poor jenny
470. Everly Brothers--Problems
471. Everly Brothers--Rocking alone
472. Everly Brothers--So sad
473. Everly Brothers--Take a message to mary
474. Everly Brothers--Thats old fashioned
475. Everly Brothers--Til i kissed you
476. Everly Brothers--Wake up little susie
477. Everly Brothers--Walk right back
478. Everly Brothers--When will i be loved
479. Everything But The Girl--Missing
480. Every Mothers' Son--Come on down to my boat
481. Eve 6--Inside out
482. Exciters--Hes got power
483. Exciters--Tell him
484. Exile--Kiss you all over
485. Expose--Ill never get over you
486. Expose--I wish the phone would
487. Expose--Point of no returne
488. Expose--Seasons change
489. Expose--What you dont know
490. Expose--When i looked at him
491. Extreme--Hole hearted
492. Extreme--More than words
493. Eydie Gorme--Blame it on the bossa nova
494. Eydie Gorme--Too close for comforteg
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