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1. G-Clefs--I understand just how you feel
2. G-Clefs--Ka ding dongg
3. Gabrielle--Dreams
4. Gale Garnett--Well sing in the sunshine
5. Gallery--Nice to be with you
6. Gap Band--You dropped a bomb on me
7. Garbage--13 X Forever
8. Garbage--Afterglow
9. Garbage--Alien Sex Fiend
10. Garbage--Androgyny
11. Garbage--As Heaven Is Wide
12. Garbage--A Stroke Of Luck
13. Garbage--Beautiful
14. Garbage--Begging Bone
15. Garbage--Breaking Up The Girl
16. Garbage--Butterfly Collector
17. Garbage--Can't Cry These Tears
18. Garbage--Can't Seem To Make You Mine
19. Garbage--Cherry Lips Go Baby Go
20. Garbage--Crush
21. Garbage--Cup Of Coffee
22. Garbage--Deadwood
23. Garbage--Dog New Tricks
24. Garbage--Doobie Brothers The
25. Garbage--Drive You Home
26. Garbage--Driving Lesson
27. Garbage--Dumb
28. Garbage--Enough Is Never Enough
29. Garbage--Fix Me Now
30. Garbage--Get Busy With The Fizzy
31. Garbage--Girl Don't Come
32. Garbage--Hammering In My Head
33. Garbage--I Would Die For You
34. Garbage--Kick My Ass
35. Garbage--Lick The Pavement
36. Garbage--Medication
37. Garbage--Milk
38. Garbage--My Lover's Box
39. Garbage--Nobody Loves You
40. Garbage--Not My Idea
41. Garbage--Number One Crush
42. Garbage--Only Happy When It Rains
43. Garbage--Parade
44. Garbage--Push it
45. Garbage--Queer
46. Garbage--Shut Your Mouth
47. Garbage--Silence Is Golden
48. Garbage--Sleep
49. Garbage--Sleep Together
50. Garbage--Soldier Through This
51. Garbage--So Like A Rose
52. Garbage--Special
53. Garbage--Stupid girl
54. Garbage--Subhuman
55. Garbage--Supernatural
56. Garbage--Supervixen
57. Garbage--Temptation Waits
58. Garbage--The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
59. Garbage--The World Is Not Enough
60. Garbage--Thirteen
61. Garbage--Till The Day I Die
62. Garbage--Tornado
63. Garbage--Trip My Wire
64. Garbage--Untouchable
65. Garbage--Use Me
66. Garbage--Version 20
67. Garbage--Vow
68. Garbage--When I Grow Up
69. Garbage--Wicked Ways
70. Garbage--You Look So Fine
71. Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters--Cry baby
72. Garth Brooks--Aint going down
73. Garth Brooks--Calling baton rouge
74. Garth Brooks--Shameless
75. Garth Brooks--Thunder rolls
76. Gary's Gang--Keep on dancin
77. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Autumn
78. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Count me in
79. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Doin the flake
80. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Everybody loves a clown
81. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Face in a crowd
82. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Girls in love
83. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Green grass
84. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--I dont wanna say goodnight
85. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Jill
86. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Little miss go go
87. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Loser with a broken heart
88. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--My hearts symphony
89. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Save your heart for me
90. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Shes just my style
91. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Sure gonna miss her
92. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--This diamond ring
93. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Tina
94. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Way way out
95. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--Where will the words come from
96. Gary Lewis & The Playboys--You dont-have to paint me a picture
97. Gary Numan--Cars
98. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--Could i
99. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--Daylight stranger
100. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--Dont give in to him
101. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--Lady willpower
102. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--Lets give adam and eve another chance
103. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--Over you
104. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--This girl is a woman now
105. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--Woman woman
106. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap--Young girl
107. Gary U S Bonds--New orleans
108. Gary U S Bonds--Quarter to three
109. Gary U S Bonds--School is out
110. Gary U S Bonds--Seven day weekend
111. Gary U S Bonds--This little girl
112. Gary Wright--Dream weaver
113. Gary Wright--Love is alive
114. Gary Wright--Really wanna know you
115. Gaylords--From vine came grape
116. Gaylords--Little shoemaker
117. Gaylords--Mecque mecque
118. Gaylords--Veni vidi vici
119. General Public--Ill take you there
120. General Public--Tenderness
121. Genesis--Abacab
122. Genesis--Follow you follow me
123. Genesis--Hold on my heart
124. Genesis--Invisible touch
125. Genesis--In too deep
126. Genesis--I cant dance
127. Genesis--Jesus he knows me
128. Genesis--Land of confusion
129. Genesis--Man on the corner
130. Genesis--Misunderstanding
131. Genesis--Never a time
132. Genesis--No reply at all
133. Genesis--No son of mine
134. Genesis--Paperlate
135. Genesis--Thats all
136. Genesis--Throwing it all away
137. Genesis--Tonight tonight tonight
138. Gene & Debbie--Playboy
139. Gene Austin Or Bert Lown--Please dont talk about me when im gone
140. Gene Chandler--Duke of earl
141. Gene Chandler--Groovy situation
142. Gene Chandler--Just be true
143. Gene Chandler--What now
144. Gene Cotton--Before my heart finds out
145. Gene Cotton--Like a sunday in salem
146. Gene Cotton & Kim Carnes--Youre a part of me
147. Gene De Paul & Don Raye--Mister five by five
148. Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire--Pass that peace pipe
149. Gene McDaniels--Chip chip
150. Gene McDaniels--Hundred pounds of clay
151. Gene McDaniels--Point of no return
152. Gene McDaniels--Tower of strength
153. Gene Pitney--Backstage
154. Gene Pitney--Donna means heartbreak
155. Gene Pitney--Every breath i take
156. Gene Pitney--If i didnt have a dime
157. Gene Pitney--Im gonna be strong
158. Gene Pitney--It hurts to be in love
159. Gene Pitney--I must be seeing things
160. Gene Pitney--I wanna love my life away
161. Gene Pitney--Last chance to turn around
162. Gene Pitney--Looking through the eyes of love
163. Gene Pitney--Man who shot liberty valance
164. Gene Pitney--Mecca
165. Gene Pitney--Only love can break a heart
166. Gene Pitney--Princess in rags
167. Gene Pitney--Shes a heartbreaker
168. Gene Pitney--She lets her hair down
169. Gene Pitney--Tower tall
170. Gene Pitney--Town without pity
171. Gene Pitney--True love never runs smooth
172. Gene Pitney--Twenty four hours from tulsa
173. Gene Vincent--Dance to the bop
174. Gene Vincent--Lotta lovin
175. Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps--Be bop a lula
176. Gentrys--Keep on dancintg
177. Georger Olsen--Best things in life are free
178. George Baker Selection--Little green bag
179. George Baker Selection--Paloma blanca
180. George Benson--20 20
181. George Benson--Feel like making lovegb
182. George Benson--Give me the night
183. George Benson--In your eyes
184. George Benson--Kisses in the moonlight
185. George Benson--Love ballad
186. George Benson--Love x love
187. George Benson--Never give up on a good thing
188. George Benson--On broadway
189. George Benson--Shiver
190. George Benson--This masquerade
191. George Benson--Turn your love around
192. George Benson & Roberta Flack--You are the love of my life
193. George Duke--Sweet baby
194. George Formby--When im cleaning windows
195. George Goehring, Wally Gold & Aaron H Schroeder--Half heaven half heartache
196. George Hamilton IV--Now and for always
197. George Hamilton IV--Rose and a baby ruth
198. George Hamilton IV--Why dont they understand
199. George Harrison--All those years ago
200. George Harrison--Bangla desh
201. George Harrison--Blow away
202. George Harrison--Crackerbox palace
203. George Harrison--Dark horse
204. George Harrison--Give me love give me peace on earth
205. George Harrison--Got my mind set on you
206. George Harrison--Isnt it a pity
207. George Harrison--My sweet lord
208. George Harrison--This song
209. George Harrison--What is life
210. George Harrison--When we was fab
211. George Harrison--You
212. George Jones--He stopped loving her today
213. George Jones--Race is on
214. George McCurn--Im just a country boy
215. George McRae--Rock your baby
216. George Michael--Different corner
217. George Michael--Faith
218. George Michael--Fastlove
219. George Michael--Father figure
220. George Michael--Freedom
221. George Michael--I want your sex
222. George Michael--Monkey
223. George Michael--One more try
224. George Michael--Outside
225. George Michael--Praying for time
226. George Michael--Too funky
227. George Michael--Waiting for that day
228. George Olsen--Beyond the blue horizongo
229. George Olsen--Please
230. George Olsen--Say it isnt so
231. Georgia Gibbs--Dance with me henry wallflower
232. Georgia Gibbs--Happiness street
233. Georgia Gibbs--Kiss of fire
234. Georgia Gibbs--Tweedle dee
235. Georgia Satellites--Keep your hands to yourself
236. Georgie Fame--Bonnie and clyde
237. Georgie Shaw--No arms can ever hold you
238. Georgie Shaw--Till we two are one
239. Gerald Levert--Taking everything
240. Gerardo--Rico suave
241. Gerome Ragni & James Rado--Hair
242. Gerry & The Pace Makers--Dont let the sun catch you crying
243. Gerry & The Pace Makers--Ferry cross the mersey
244. Gerry & The Pace Makers--How do you do it
245. Gerry & The Pace Makers--Ill be there
246. Gerry & The Pace Makers--Its gonna be all right
247. Gerry & The Pace Makers--I like it
248. Gerry Goffin & Carole King--Will you love me tomorrow
249. Gerry Granahan--No chemise please
250. Gerry Rafferty--Baker street
251. Gerry Rafferty--Days gone down
252. Gerry Rafferty--Get it right next time
253. Gerry Rafferty--Home and dry
254. Gerry Rafferty--Right down the line
255. Get Wet--Just so lonely
256. Ghost Town DJ's--My boo
257. Giant Steps--Another lover
258. Giant Steps--Into you
259. Gibbons Caroll--My sister and i
260. Gibson Brothers--Cuba
261. Gilbert O'Sullivan--Alone again naturally
262. Gilbert O'Sullivan--Clair
263. Gilbert O'Sullivan--Get down
264. Gilbert O'Sullivan--Ooh baby
265. Gilbert O'Sullivan--Out of the question
266. Gina G--Ooh aah just a little bit
267. Gino & Gina--Its been a long time pretty baby
268. Gino Vannelli--I just wanna stop
269. Gino Vannelli--Living inside myself
270. Gino Vannelli--People gotta move
271. Ginuwine--Ponyg
272. Gin Blossoms--Allison road
273. Gin Blossoms--Follow you down
274. Gin Blossoms--Found out about you
275. Gin Blossoms--Hey jealousy
276. Gin Blossoms--Til i hear it from you
277. Gisele MacKenzie--Hard to get
278. Giuffria--Call to the heart
279. Gladys Knight & The Pips--Best thing that ever happened to me
280. Gladys Knight & The Pips--End of our road
281. Gladys Knight & The Pips--For once in my life
282. Gladys Knight & The Pips--Friendship train
283. Gladys Knight & The Pips--Going ups and the coming downs
284. Gladys Knight & The Pips--If i were your woman
285. Gladys Knight & The Pips--It should have been me
286. Gladys Knight & The Pips--I dont want to do wrong
287. Gladys Knight & The Pips--I feel a song in my heart
288. Gladys Knight & The Pips--I heard it through the grapevine
289. Gladys Knight & The Pips--Letter full of tears
290. Gladys Knight & The Pips--Midnight train to georgia
291. Gladys Knight & The Pips--Neither one of us
292. Gladys Knight & The Pips--Nitty gritty
293. Gladys Knight & The Pips--Way we were try to remember
294. Gladys Knight & The Pips--You need love like i do
295. Glass Bottle--I aint got time anymore
296. Glass Tiger--Dont forget me when im gone
297. Glass Tiger--Im still searching
298. Glass Tiger--I will be there
299. Glass Tiger--Someday
300. Glenn Frey--Heat is on
301. Glenn Frey--One you love
302. Glenn Frey--Sexy girl
303. Glenn Frey--Smugglers blues
304. Glenn Frey--True love
305. Glenn Frey--You belong to the city
306. Glenn Medeiros--Nothings gonna change my love for you
307. Glenn Medeiros & Bobby Brown--She aint worth it
308. Glenn Miller--Always in my heart
309. Glenn Miller--Blueberry hill
310. Glenn Miller--Blue orchids
311. Glenn Miller--Blue rain
312. Glenn Miller--Call of the canyon
313. Glenn Miller--Can i help it
314. Glenn Miller--Careless
315. Glenn Miller--Chattanooga choo choo
316. Glenn Miller--Cinderella stay in my arms
317. Glenn Miller--Crosstown
318. Glenn Miller--Devil may care
319. Glenn Miller--Dont sit under the apple tree
320. Glenn Miller--Elmers tune
321. Glenn Miller--Evrything i love
322. Glenn Miller--Faithful forever
323. Glenn Miller--Five oclock whistle
324. Glenn Miller--Gaucho serenade
325. Glenn Miller--Gotta get some shut eye
326. Glenn Miller--Handful of stars
327. Glenn Miller--Humpty dumpty heart
328. Glenn Miller--Im stepping out with a memory tonight
329. Glenn Miller--Indian summer
330. Glenn Miller--In an old dutch garden
331. Glenn Miller--In the mood
332. Glenn Miller--Ive got a gal in kalamazoo
333. Glenn Miller--I guess ill have to dream the rest
334. Glenn Miller--Jukebox saturday night
335. Glenn Miller--Last night
336. Glenn Miller--Man with the mandolin
337. Glenn Miller--Moonlight mood
338. Glenn Miller--Moonlight serenade
339. Glenn Miller--Moon love
340. Glenn Miller--My prayer
341. Glenn Miller--Nightingale sang in berkeley square
342. Glenn Miller--Orange blossom lane
343. Glenn Miller--Our love affair
344. Glenn Miller--Say it
345. Glenn Miller--Serenade in blue
346. Glenn Miller--Shake down the stars
347. Glenn Miller--Shell always remember
348. Glenn Miller--Skylark
349. Glenn Miller--Speaking of heaven
350. Glenn Miller--Stairway to the stars
351. Glenn Miller--Starlit hour
352. Glenn Miller--This changing world
353. Glenn Miller--Were that couple in the castle
354. Glenn Miller--When the swallows come back to capistrano
355. Glenn Miller--When you wish upon a star
356. Glenn Miller--White cliffs of dover
357. Glenn Miller--Wishing
358. Glenn Miller--Woodpecker song
359. Glenn Miller--You and i
360. Glenn Miller & His Orchestra--High on a windy hill
361. Glenn Miller & his Orchestra--Moonlight cocktail
362. Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle--At last
363. Glenn Miller Orchestra--That old black magic
364. Glenn Yarbrough--Baby the rain must fall
365. Glenn Yarbrough--Hundred men
366. Glen Campbell--By the time i get to phoenix
367. Glen Campbell--Country boy you got your feet in la
368. Glen Campbell--Dont pull your love
369. Glen Campbell--Dreams of the everyday housewife
370. Glen Campbell--Gentle on my mind
371. Glen Campbell--I wanna live
372. Glen Campbell--Less of me
373. Glen Campbell--Rhinestone cowboy
374. Glen Campbell--Southern nights
375. Glen Campbell--Sunflower
376. Glen Campbell--True grit
377. Glen Campbell--Try a little kindness
378. Glen Campbell--Wheres the playground susie
379. Glen Campbell--Wichita lineman
380. Glen Gray--Heaven can wait
381. Glen Gray--Its the talk of the town
382. Glen Gray--I cried for you
383. Glen Gray--My heart tells me
384. Glen Gray--My shining hour
385. Glen Gray--Sunrise serenade
386. Glen Gray--Tears from my inkwell
387. Glen Gray--Under a blanket of blue
388. Glen Gray--You go to my head
389. Gloria Estefan--Coming out of the dark
390. Gloria Estefan--Dont wanna lose you
391. Gloria Estefan--Everlasting lovege
392. Gloria Estefan--Get on your feet
393. Gloria Estefan--Here we are
394. Gloria Estefan--Live for loving you
395. Gloria Estefan--Love on a two way street
396. Gloria Estefan--Traces
397. Gloria Estefan--Turn the beat around
398. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--1 2 3
399. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--Anything for you
400. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--Bad boy
401. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--Betcha say that
402. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--Cant stay away from you
403. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--Conga
404. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--Falling in love
405. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--Rhythm is gonna get you
406. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine--Words get in the way
407. Gloria Gaynor--(If You Want It) Do It Yourself
408. Gloria Gaynor--All I Need Is Your Good Loving
409. Gloria Gaynor--Can't Take My Eyes Off You
410. Gloria Gaynor--Casanova Brown
411. Gloria Gaynor--Goin' Out Of My Head
412. Gloria Gaynor--Honey Bee
413. Gloria Gaynor--I Am What I Am
414. Gloria Gaynor--I Never Knew
415. Gloria Gaynor--I will survive
416. Gloria Gaynor--Let's Mend What's Been Broken
417. Gloria Gaynor--Let Me Know (I Have A Right)
418. Gloria Gaynor--Never can say goodbye
419. Gloria Gaynor--Reach Out, I'll Be There
420. Gloria Gaynor--Reach Out I'll Be There
421. Gloria Gaynor--Tonight
422. Gloria Gaynor--Walk On By
423. Gloria Gaynor--We Can Start All Over Again
424. Gloria Loring & Carl Anderson--Friends and lovers
425. Gloria Stefan--Love on a two way street
426. Gloria Stefan--Traces
427. Go-Go's--Head over heels
428. Go-Go's--Our lips are sealed
429. Go-Go's--We got the beat
430. Go-Gos--Our lips are sealed
431. Godley & Creme--Cry
432. Godspell--Day by day
433. Golden Earring--Radar love
434. Golden Earring--Twilight zone
435. Goo Goo Dolls--Iris
436. Goo Goo Dolls--Name
437. Goo Goo Dolls--Slide
438. Gordon Jenkins--Maybe youll be there
439. Gordon Jenkins--San fernando valley
440. Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra--Dont cry joe
441. Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra & The Weavers--Goodnight irene
442. Gordon Lightfoot--Carefree highway
443. Gordon Lightfoot--Circle is small
444. Gordon Lightfoot--If you could read my mind
445. Gordon Lightfoot--Rainy day people
446. Gordon Lightfoot--Sundown
447. Gordon Lightfoot--Wreck of the edmund fitzgerald
448. Gordon McRae--Dear hearts and gentle people
449. Gordon McRae--Secret
450. Go Go's--Vacation
451. Go West--Faithful
452. Go West--King of wishful thinking
453. Grace Moore--One night of love
454. Graham Nash--Chicago we can change the world
455. Grand Funk Railroad--Bad time
456. Grand Funk Railroad--Footstompin music
457. Grand Funk Railroad--Im your captain
458. Grand Funk Railroad--Rock and roll soul
459. Grand Funk Railroad--Shinin on
460. Grand Funk Railroad--Some kind of wonderful
461. Grand Funk Railroad--Walk like a mangfr
462. Grand Funk Railroad--Were an american band
463. Grant Clarke, Lewis Muir & Maurice Abrahams--Ragtime cowboy joe
464. Grassroots & The Forum--River is wide
465. Grass Roots--Baby hold on
466. Grass Roots--Bella linda
467. Grass Roots--Come on and say it
468. Grass Roots--Glory bound
469. Grass Roots--Heaven knows
470. Grass Roots--Id wait a million years
471. Grass Roots--Lets live for today
472. Grass Roots--Midnight confessions
473. Grass Roots--Runway
474. Grass Roots--Sooner or later
475. Grass Roots--Temptation eyes
476. Grass Roots--Things i should have said
477. Grass Roots--Two divided by love
478. Grass Roots--Where were you when i needed you
479. Grateful Dead--Touch of grey
480. Gray Gordon--Ferry boat serenade
481. Great White--Angel song
482. Great White--Once bitten twice shy
483. Green Day--Good riddance
484. Green Day--When i come around
485. Green Jelly--Three little pigs
486. Gregg Allman--Midnight rider
487. Gregory Abbott--Shake you down
488. Greg Guldry--Goin down
489. Greg Kihn Band--Breakup song
490. Greg Kihn Band--Jeopardy
491. Groove Theory--Tell me
492. GTR--When the heart rules the mind
493. Guess Who--Albert flasher
494. Guess Who--American woman
495. Guess Who--Broken
496. Guess Who--Bus rider
497. Guess Who--Clap for wolfman
498. Guess Who--Dancin fool
499. Guess Who--Do you miss me darlin
500. Guess Who--Follow your daughter home
501. Guess Who--Glamour boy
502. Guess Who--Guns guns guns
503. Guess Who--Hand me down world
504. Guess Who--Hang on to your life
505. Guess Who--Heartbroken bopper
506. Guess Who--Laughing
507. Guess Who--Life in bloodstream
508. Guess Who--No sugar tonight
509. Guess Who--No time
510. Guess Who--Orly
511. Guess Who--Rain dance
512. Guess Who--Runnin back to saskatoon
513. Guess Who--Share land
514. Guess Who--Sour suite
515. Guess Who--Star baby
516. Guess Who--These eyes
517. Guess Who--Undun
518. Guitar Slim--Things that i used to do
519. Guns N Roses--Dont cry
520. Guns N Roses--Live and let die
521. Guns N Roses--November rain
522. Guns N Roses--Paradise city
523. Guns N Roses--Patience
524. Guns N Roses--Sweet child o mine
525. Guns N Roses--Welcome to the jungle
526. Guns N Roses--You could be mine
527. Gus Arnheim--I surrender dear
528. Gus Arnheim--So rarega
529. Gus Arnheim--Sweet and lovely
530. Gus Arnheim--Them there eyes
531. Gus Kahn, Vincent Youmans & Edward Eliscu--Carioca
532. Guys & Dolls--Bushel & a peak
533. Guy Lombardo--Anniversary song
534. Guy Lombardo--Bell bottom trousers
535. Guy Lombardo--Boo hoo
536. Guy Lombardo--By a waterfall
537. Guy Lombardo--By the river saint marie
538. Guy Lombardo--Cottage for sale
539. Guy Lombardo--Dont blame me
540. Guy Lombardo--Everywhere you go
541. Guy Lombardo--Goodnight sweetheart
542. Guy Lombardo--How deep is the ocean
543. Guy Lombardo--Im confessin
544. Guy Lombardo--Im my own grandpa
545. Guy Lombardo--Intermezzo
546. Guy Lombardo--Its love love love
547. Guy Lombardo--It looks like rain in cherry blossom lane
548. Guy Lombardo--I know now
549. Guy Lombardo--Last roundup
550. Guy Lombardo--Little lady make believe
551. Guy Lombardo--My old flame
552. Guy Lombardo--Paradise
553. Guy Lombardo--Red roses for a blue lady
554. Guy Lombardo--Sailboat in the moonlight
555. Guy Lombardo--Seems like old times
556. Guy Lombardo--September in the rain
557. Guy Lombardo--Speak low
558. Guy Lombardo--We just couldnt say goodbye
559. Guy Lombardo--Whats the reason im not pleasin you
560. Guy Lombardo--When did you leave heaven
561. Guy Lombardo--When my dream boat comes home
562. Guy Lombardo--Youre driving me crazy
563. Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians--Well meet again
564. Guy Mitchell--Belle belle my liberty belle
565. Guy Mitchell--Feet up
566. Guy Mitchell--Heartaches by the number
567. Guy Mitchell--Knee deep in the blues
568. Guy Mitchell--My heart cries for you
569. Guy Mitchell--My shoes keep walking back to you
570. Guy Mitchell--My truly truly fair
571. Guy Mitchell--Ninety nine years
572. Guy Mitchell--Pittsburgh pennsylvania
573. Guy Mitchell--Rock a billy
574. Guy Mitchell--Roving kind
575. Guy Mitchell--Same old me
576. Guy Mitchell--She wears red feathers
577. Guy Mitchell--Sparrow in the treetop
578. Guy Mitchell--Unless
579. Gwen McCrae--Rockin chair
580. G Q--Dico nights
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