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1. Sade--Never as good as the first time
2. Sade--No ordinary love
3. Sade--Paradise
4. Sade--Smooth operator
5. Sade--Sweetest taboo
6. Safaris--Image of a girl
7. Saga--On the loose
8. Saigon Kick--Love is on the way
9. Sailcat--Motorcycle mama
10. Salt N Pepa--Aint nuthin but a she thing
11. Salt N Pepa--Do you want me
12. Salt N Pepa--Expression
13. Salt N Pepa--Lets talk about sex
14. Salt N Pepa--Push it
15. Salt N Pepa--Shoop
16. Salt N Pepa--Whatta man
17. Sal Mineo--Start movin
18. Samantha Fox--I only wanna be with you
19. Samantha Fox--I wanna have some fun
20. Samantha Fox--Naughty girls
21. Samantha Fox--Touch me i want your body
22. Samantha Sang--Emotion
23. Sami Jo--Tell me a lie
24. Sammi Smith--Help me make it through the night
25. Sammy Davis Jr--Candy man
26. Sammy Davis Jr--Shelter of your arms
27. Sammy Davis Jr--That old black magic
28. Sammy Davis Jr--What kind of fool am i
29. Sammy Hagar--Give to live
30. Sammy Hagar--I cant drive 55
31. Sammy Hagar--Two sides of love
32. Sammy Hagar--Your love is driving me crazy
33. Sammy Johns--Chevy van
34. Sammy Kaye--Chickery chick
35. Sammy Kaye--Dont fence me in
36. Sammy Kaye--Dream valley
37. Sammy Kaye--Here you are
38. Sammy Kaye--I left my heart at the stage door canteen
39. Sammy Kaye--Laughing on the outside
40. Sammy Kaye--Let there be love
41. Sammy Kaye--Remember pearl harbor
42. Sammy Kaye--Room full of roses
43. Sammy Kaye--Rosalie
44. Sammy Kaye--Thats my desire
45. Sammy Kaye--Two hearts that pass in the night
46. Sammy Kaye--Walkin to missouri
47. Sammy Kaye & Betty Barclay--Im a big girl now
48. Sammy Kaye & The Kaye Choir--Daddy
49. Sammy Turner--Always
50. Sammy Turner--Lavender blue
51. Sam (Dooley Wilson)--As time goes by
52. Sam & Dave--Hold on im comin
53. Sam & Dave--I thank you
54. Sam & Dave--Soul man
55. Sam Cooke--Another saturday night
56. Sam Cooke--Bring it on home to me
57. Sam Cooke--Chain gang
58. Sam Cooke--Change is gonna come
59. Sam Cooke--Cupid
60. Sam Cooke--Everybody likes to cha cha cha
61. Sam Cooke--Having a party
62. Sam Cooke--Ill come running back to you
63. Sam Cooke--Lonely island
64. Sam Cooke--Love you most of all
65. Sam Cooke--Nothing can change this love
66. Sam Cooke--Only sixteen
67. Sam Cooke--Shake
68. Sam Cooke--Twisting the night away
69. Sam Cooke--Win your love for me
70. Sam Cooke--Wonderful world
71. Sam Cooke--You send me
72. Sam Cooke--You were made for me
73. Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnston--Just one more chance
74. Sam The Sham--Lil red riding hood
75. Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs--Ring dang doo
76. Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs--Wooly bully
77. Sandpipers--Come saturday morning
78. Sandy Posey--Born a woman
79. Sandy Posey--I take it back
80. Sandy Posey--Single girl
81. Sand Pebbles--Love power
82. Sanford Clark--Fool
83. Santana--Black magic woman
84. Santana--Everybodys everything
85. Santana--Evil ways
86. Santana--Hold on
87. Santana--No one to depend on
88. Santana--Shes not there
89. Santana--Stormy
90. Santana--Winning
91. Sarah Mclachlan--Adia
92. Sarah Mclachlan--Angel
93. Sarah Mclachlan--Building a mystery
94. Sarah Vaughan--Broken hearted melody
95. Sarah Vaughan--Cest la vie
96. Sarah Vaughan--Fabulous character
97. Sarah Vaughan--Its all right with me
98. Sarah Vaughan--Make yourself comfortable
99. Sarah Vaughan--Whatever lola wants
100. Sara Evans--No place that far
101. Savage Garden--I want you
102. Savage Garden--To the moon and back
103. Savage Garden--Truly madly deeply
104. Scandal--Warrior
105. Scarface featuring 2Pac, Johnny P--Smile
106. Scorpions--Rock you like a hurricane
107. Scorpions--Wind of change
108. Scott McKenzie--Like an old time movie
109. Scott McKenzie--San francisco
110. Scott Wiseman--Have i told you lately that i love you
111. Seal--Crazy
112. Seal--Dont cry
113. Seal--Fly like an eagle
114. Seal--Human beings
115. Seal--Kiss from a rose
116. Seal--Prayer for the dying
117. Seals & Crofts--Diamond girl
118. Seals & Crofts--Get closer
119. Seals & Crofts--Hummingbird
120. Seals & Crofts--Summer breeze
121. Seals & Crofts--We may never pass this way again
122. Searchers--Bumble bee
123. Searchers--Dont throw your love away
124. Searchers--Love potion number nine
125. Searchers--Needles and pins
126. Searchers--Some day were gonna love again
127. Searchers--What have they done to rain
128. Searchers--When you walk in room
129. Secrets--Boy next doors
130. Seeds--Pushin too hard
131. Seekers--Georgy girl
132. Seekers--Ill never find another you
133. Seekers--Island of dreams
134. Seekers--World of our own
135. Selena--I could fall in love
136. Serendipity Singers--Beans in my ears
137. Serendipity Singers--Dont let the rain come down
138. Sergio Franchi--Sweetest sounds
139. Sergio Mendes--Alibis
140. Sergio Mendes--Never gonna let you go
141. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66--Scarborough fair
142. Seven Dwarfs--Whistle while you work
143. Shades Of Blue--Oh how happy
144. Shadows Of Knight--Gloria
145. Shaggy--Boombastic
146. Shai--Baby im yours
147. Shai--Comforter
148. Shai--If i ever fall in love
149. Shakespear's Sister--Stay
150. Shalamar--Dancing in the sheets
151. Shalamar--Dead giveaway
152. Shangri-Las--Give him a great big kiss
153. Shangri-Las--Give us your blessing
154. Shangri-Las--I can never go home anymore
155. Shangri-Las--Leader of pack
156. Shangri-Las--Remember walking in sand
157. Shania Twain--Any man of mine
158. Shania Twain--From this moment on
159. Shania Twain--God bless the child
160. Shania Twain--Home aint where his heart is
161. Shania Twain--If youre not in it for love im outta here
162. Shania Twain--Whose bed have your boots been under
163. Shania Twain--Woman in me
164. Shania Twain--Youre still the one
165. Shania Twain--You win my love
166. Shanice--I love your smile
167. Shanice--Saving forever for you
168. Shannon--Let the music play
169. Shaun Cassidy--Da doo ron ron
170. Shaun Cassidy--Hey deanie
171. Shawn Colvin--Sunny came home
172. Shawn Mullins--Lullabysm
173. Sheena Easton--Almost over you
174. Sheena Easton--Do it for love
175. Sheena Easton--For your eyes only
176. Sheena Easton--Lover in me
177. Sheena Easton--Modern girl
178. Sheena Easton--Morning train
179. Sheena Easton--Strut
180. Sheena Easton--Sugar walls
181. Sheena Easton--Telefone long distance love affair
182. Sheena Easton--When he shines
183. Sheena Easton--You could have been with me
184. Sheila E--Glamorous life
185. Shelby Flint--Angel on my shoulder
186. Shells--Baby oh baby
187. Shelly Fabares--Johnny angel
188. Shelly Fabares--Johnny loves me
189. Shelly Fabares--Things we did last summer
190. Shepherd Sisters--Alone why must i be alone
191. Shep & The Limelites--Daddys home
192. Shep Fields--Cathedral in the pines
193. Shep Fields--Did i remember
194. Shep Fields--Easy to love
195. Shep Fields--In the chapel in the moonlight
196. Shep Fields--Moonlight and shadows
197. Shep Fields--Nice work if you can get it
198. Shep Fields--Thanks for the memory
199. Shep Fields--That old feeling
200. Shep Fields--Theres something in the air
201. Shep Fields & Frank Sinatra--South of the border
202. Shep Fields & Russ Morgan--Merry go round broken down
203. Sheriff--When im with you
204. Sheryl Crow--All i wanna do
205. Sheryl Crow--Cant cry anymore
206. Sheryl Crow--Everyday is a winding road
207. Sheryl Crow--If it makes you happy
208. Sheryl Crow--My favorite mistake
209. Sheryl Crow--Strong enough
210. Shields--You cheated
211. Shirelles--Big john
212. Shirelles--Dedicated to one i love
213. Shirelles--Dont say goodnight and mean goodbye
214. Shirelles--Foolish little girl
215. Shirelles--Its mines
216. Shirelles--I met him on sunday
217. Shirelles--Make night just a little longer
218. Shirelles--Mama said
219. Shirelles--Sinners devotion
220. Shirelles--Soldier boy
221. Shirelles--Stop musics
222. Shirelles--Tonights nights
223. Shirelles--Voice of experience
224. Shirley & Co--Shame shame shame
225. Shirley Bassey--Goldfinger
226. Shirley Bassey--How insensitive
227. Shirley Ellis--Name game
228. Shirley Murdock--As we lay
229. Shocking Blue--Venus
230. Shorty Long--Here comes the judge
231. Silhouettes--Get a job
232. Silk--Freak me
233. Silver--Wham bam shang a lang
234. Silver Condor--You could take my heart away
235. Silver Convention--Fly robin fly
236. Silver Convention--Get up and boogie
237. Simon & Garfunkel--America
238. Simon & Garfunkel--At the zoo
239. Simon & Garfunkel--Boxer
240. Simon & Garfunkel--Cecilia
241. Simon & Garfunkel--Dangling conversation
242. Simon & Garfunkel--El condor pasa
243. Simon & Garfunkel--Fakin it
244. Simon & Garfunkel--For emily
245. Simon & Garfunkel--Hazy shade of winter
246. Simon & Garfunkel--Homeward bound
247. Simon & Garfunkel--I am a rock
248. Simon & Garfunkel--Mrs robinson
249. Simon & Garfunkel--My little town
250. Simon & Garfunkel--Scarborough fair
251. Simon & Garfunkel--Sounds of silence
252. Simon & Garfunkel--The 59th street bridge song
253. Simple Minds--Alive and kicking
254. Simple Minds--All the things she said
255. Simple Minds--Dont you forget about me
256. Simple Minds--Sanctify yourself
257. Simply Red--For your babies
258. Simply Red--Holding back the years
259. Simply Red--If you dont know me by now
260. Simply Red--Moneys too tight to mention
261. Simply Red--Right thing
262. Sinead O'Connor--Nothing compares 2 u
263. Singing Nun--Dominique
264. Sir Douglas Quintet--Mendocino
265. Sir Douglas Quintet--Shes about a mover
266. Sister Hazel--All for you
267. Sister Hazel--Just remember
268. Sister Hazel--Look to the children
269. Sister Sledge--Hes the greatest dancer
270. Sister Sledge--We are family
271. Skee-Lo--I wish
272. Skeeter Davis--End of the world
273. Skeeter Davis--I cant help you im falling too
274. Skeeter Davis--I cant stay mad at you
275. Skid Row--18 and life
276. Skid Row--I remember you
277. Skip & Flip--It was i
278. Skylark--Wildflower
279. Skyliners--This i swear
280. Slade--My oh my
281. Slade--Run runaway
282. Slaughter--Fly to the angels
283. Slaughter--Spend my life
284. Slaughter--Up all night
285. Slim & Slam--Flat foot floogey
286. Slim Harpo--Baby scratch my back
287. Slim Harpo--Rainin in my heart
288. Slim Willet, Cactus Pryor & Barbara Trammel--Dont let the stars get in your eyes
289. Sly & The Family Stone--Dance to the music
290. Sly & The Family Stone--Everybody is a star
291. Sly & The Family Stone--Everyday people
292. Sly & The Family Stone--Family affair
293. Sly & The Family Stone--Hot fun in the summertime
294. Sly & The Family Stone--If you want me to stay
295. Sly & The Family Stone--I want to take you higher
296. Sly & The Family Stone--Runnin away
297. Sly & The Family Stone--Stand
298. Sly & The Family Stone--Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
299. Small Faces--Itchycoo park
300. Smashing Pumpkins--1979
301. Smashing Pumpkins--Bullet with butterfly wings
302. Smash Mouth--Walkin on the sun
303. Smith--Baby its yous
304. Smokey Robinson--Baby come close
305. Smokey Robinson--Being with you
306. Smokey Robinson--Cruisin
307. Smokey Robinson--Just to see her
308. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles--Baby baby dont cry
309. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles--If you can want
310. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles--Ill try something new
311. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles--I dont blame you at all
312. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles--I second that emotion
313. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles--Tears of a clown
314. Smokey Roginson & The Miracles--Doggone right
315. Snap--Powers
316. Snap--Rhythm is a dancer
317. Sniff N The Tears--Drivers seat
318. Snoop Doggy Dogg--Gin and juice
319. Snoop Doggy Dogg--Whats my name
320. Soft Cell--Tainted love
321. Solomon Burke--If you need me
322. Solomon Burke--Just out of reach of my two empty arms
323. Somethin' Smith & The Redheads--Its a sin to tell a lie
324. Song Spinners--Comin in on a wing and a prayer
325. Sonny--Laugh at me
326. Sonny & Cher--All i ever need is you
327. Sonny & Cher--Baby dont go
328. Sonny & Cher--Beat goes on
329. Sonny & Cher--But youre mine
330. Sonny & Cher--Im leaving it up to you
331. Sonny & Cher--I got you babe
332. Sonny & Cher--Just you
333. Sonny & Cher--Little man
334. Sonny Charles & The Checkmates, Ltd--Black pearl
335. Sonny Curtis--Fool never learns
336. Sonny James--First date first kiss first love
337. Sophie B Hawkins--As i lay me down
338. Sophie B Hawkins--Damn i wish i was your lover
339. Sopwith 'Camel'--Hello hello
340. Soul Asylum--Misery
341. Soul Asylum--Runaway train
342. Soul For Real--Candy rain
343. Soul For Real--Every little thing i do
344. Soul II Soul--Back to life
345. Soul Survivors--Expressway to your heart
346. Spandau Ballet--Gold
347. Spandau Ballet--Only when you leave
348. Spandau Ballet--True
349. Spanky & Our Gang--Lazy day
350. Spanky & Our Gang--Like to get to know you
351. Spanky & Our Gang--Making every minute count
352. Spanky & Our Gang--Sunday morning
353. Spanky & Our Gang--Sunday will never be the same
354. Spencer Davis Group--Gimme some lovin
355. Spencer Davis Group--Im a man
356. Spice Girls--Goodbye
357. Spice Girls--Say youll be there
358. Spice Girls--Too much
359. Spice Girls--Two become one
360. Spice Girls--Wannabe
361. Spider--New romance
362. Spike Jones--Cocktails for two
363. Spike Jones & His City Slickers--All i want for christmas
364. Spike Jones & His City Slickers--Der fuehrers face
365. Spinners--Could it be im falling in love
366. Spinners--Cupid ive loved you for a long time
367. Spinners--Games people playts
368. Spinners--Ill be around
369. Spinners--Its a shame
370. Spinners--One of a kinds
371. Spinners--One of a kind love affair
372. Spinners--Rubberband man
373. Spinners--Thats what girls are made for
374. Spinners--Working my way back you forgive me girl
375. Spin Doctors--Little miss cant be wrong
376. Spin Doctors--Two princes
377. Spiral Starecase--More today than yesterday
378. Spirit--I got a line on you
379. Spokesmen--Dawn of correction
380. Sportsmen--You cant be true dears
381. Springfields--Silver threads and golden needless
382. Squeeze--853 5937
383. Squeeze--Hourglass
384. Stacey Q--Two of hearts
385. Stacy Lattisaw--Let me be your angel
386. Stacy Lattisaw--Miracles
387. Stampeders--Sweet city woman
388. Standells--Dirty water
389. Standells--Why pick on me
390. Stanley Cowan--Til reveille
391. Stanley Holloway, Gordon Dilworth, & Rod McLennan--With a little bit of luck
392. Stan Freberg--Ive got you under my skin
393. Stan Freberg--John and marsha
394. Stan Freberg--St george and the dragonet
395. Stan Freberg--World is waiting for the sunrise
396. Stan Freberg--Yellow rose of texas
397. Staple Singers--Heavy makes you happy
398. Staple Singers--Ill take you there
399. Staple Singers--Lets do it again
400. Staple Singers--Respect yourself
401. Starbuck--Everybody be dancing
402. Starbuck--Moonlight feels right
403. Starland Vocal Band--Afternoon delight
404. Starship--Before i go
405. Starship--Its not enough
406. Starship--Its not over
407. Starship--Nothings gonna stop us now
408. Starship--Sara
409. Starship--Tomorrow doesnt matter tonight
410. Starship--We built this city
411. Stars On 45--Stars on 45
412. Stars On 45--Stars on 45 iii
413. Statler Brothers--Flowers on the wall
414. Status Quo--Pictures of matchstick men
415. Status Quo--Rockin all over the world
416. Stealer's Wheel--Stars
417. Steam--Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye
418. Steely Dan--Deacon blues
419. Steely Dan--Do it again
420. Steely Dan--Fm no static at all
421. Steely Dan--Hey nineteen
422. Steely Dan--Josie
423. Steely Dan--Peg
424. Steely Dan--Reelin in the years
425. Steely Dan--Rikki dont lose that number
426. Steely Dan--Time out of mind
427. Stephanie Mills--Never knew love like this before
428. Stephanie Mills & Teddy Pendergrass--Two hearts
429. Stephen Bishop--All of my life (It might be you)
430. Stephen Bishop--Everybody needs love
431. Stephen Bishop--On and on
432. Stephen Bishop--Save it for a rainy day
433. Stephen Sondheim--Send in the clowns
434. Stephen Stills--Love the one youre with
435. Stephen Stills--Sit yourself down
436. Steppenwolf--Born to be wild
437. Steppenwolf--Hey lawdy mama
438. Steppenwolf--Magic carpet ride
439. Steppenwolf--Monster
440. Steppenwolf--Rock me
441. Steve Alaimo--Cast your fate to the wind
442. Steve Forbert--Romeos tune
443. Steve Goodman--City of new orleans
444. Steve Lawrence--Go away little girl
445. Steve Lawrence--Portrait of my love
446. Steve Lawrence--Pretty blue eyes
447. Steve Martin--King tut
448. Steve Miller--Heart like a wheel
449. Steve Miller--Jet airliner
450. Steve Miller--Jungle love
451. Steve Miller--Swingtown
452. Steve Miller--Take the money and run
453. Steve Miller Band--Abracadabra
454. Steve Miller Band--Joker
455. Steve Miller Band--Rock n me
456. Steve Perry--Foolish heart
457. Steve Perry--Oh sherrie
458. Steve Perry--Shes mine
459. Steve Perry--Strung out
460. Steve Winwood--Back in the high life again
461. Steve Winwood--Dont you know what the night can do
462. Steve Winwood--Finer things
463. Steve Winwood--Freedom overspill
464. Steve Winwood--Higher love
465. Steve Winwood--Holding on
466. Steve Winwood--One and only man
467. Steve Winwood--Roll with it
468. Steve Winwood--Valerie
469. Steve Winwood--While you see a chance
470. Stevie B--Because i love you the postman song
471. Stevie B--Dream about you
472. Stevie Nicks--After the glitter fades
473. Stevie Nicks--Edge of seventeen
474. Stevie Nicks--If anyone falls
475. Stevie Nicks--I cant wait
476. Stevie Nicks--Leather and lace
477. Stevie Nicks--Nightbird
478. Stevie Nicks--Rooms on fire
479. Stevie Nicks--Stand back
480. Stevie Nicks--Talk to me
481. Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers--Stop draggin my heart around
482. Stevie Wonder--Another star
483. Stevie Wonder--As
484. Stevie Wonder--Blowin in the wind
485. Stevie Wonder--Boogie on reggae woman
486. Stevie Wonder--Dont you worry bout a thing
487. Stevie Wonder--Do i do
488. Stevie Wonder--Fingertips
489. Stevie Wonder--Higher ground
490. Stevie Wonder--If you really love me
491. Stevie Wonder--Im wondering
492. Stevie Wonder--I aint gonna stand for it
493. Stevie Wonder--I dont know why
494. Stevie Wonder--I just called to say i love you
495. Stevie Wonder--I was made to love her
496. Stevie Wonder--I wish
497. Stevie Wonder--Lately
498. Stevie Wonder--Living for the city
499. Stevie Wonder--Love light in flight
500. Stevie Wonder--Master blaster
501. Stevie Wonder--My cherie amour
502. Stevie Wonder--Never had a dream come true
503. Stevie Wonder--Overjoyed
504. Stevie Wonder--Part time lover
505. Stevie Wonder--Place in the sun
506. Stevie Wonder--Send one your love
507. Stevie Wonder--Shoo be doo
508. Stevie Wonder--Signed sealed delivered im yours
509. Stevie Wonder--Sir duke
510. Stevie Wonder--Skeletons
511. Stevie Wonder--Superstition
512. Stevie Wonder--Superwoman
513. Stevie Wonder--That girl
514. Stevie Wonder--Think of me as your soldier
515. Stevie Wonder--Travlin man
516. Stevie Wonder--Yesterme yesteryou yesterday
517. Stevie Wonder--You are the sunshine of my life
518. Stevie Wonder--You havent done nothin
519. Stevie Wonder--You met your match
520. Stevie Wonder (Joan Báez)--Heaven help us all
521. Stevie Woods--Just cant win em all
522. Stevie Woods--Steal the night
523. Sting--All this times
524. Sting--Be still my beating heart
525. Sting--Fields of gold
526. Sting--Fortress around your heart
527. Sting--If i ever lose my faith in you
528. Sting--If you love somebody set them free
529. Sting--Im mad about you
530. Sting--Love is the seventh wave
531. Sting--Russians
532. Sting--Well be together
533. Sting--When we dance
534. Stonebolt--I will still love you
535. Stonewall Jackson--Waterloo
536. Stories--Brother louie
537. Strangeloves--I want candy
538. Strawberry Alarm Clock--Incense and peppermints
539. Strawberry Alarm Clock--Tomorrows
540. Stray Cats--I wont stand in your way
541. Stray Cats--Rock this town
542. Stray Cats--Shes sexy
543. Stray Cats--Stray cat strut
544. Stryper--Honestly
545. Stylistics--Because i love you girl
546. Stylistics--Betcha by gully wow
547. Stylistics--Break up to make up
548. Stylistics--Give a little love for love
549. Stylistics--Im coming home
550. Stylistics--Im stone in love with you
551. Stylistics--Lets put it all together
552. Stylistics--Miracle
553. Stylistics--People make world go round
554. Stylistics--Rockin roll baby
555. Stylistics--Stop look listen to your heart
556. Stylistics--Thank you baby
557. Stylistics--You make me feel brand new
558. Styx--Babe
559. Styx--Best of times
560. Styx--Blue collar man
561. Styx--Come sail away
562. Styx--Dont let it end
563. Styx--Fooling yourself
564. Styx--Lady
565. Styx--Lorelei
566. Styx--Mr roboto
567. Styx--Music time
568. Styx--Show me the ways
569. Styx--Too much time on my hands
570. Styx--Why mes
571. Styx & Michael Martin Murphey--Renegade
572. Sue Thompson--Have a good time
573. Sue Thompson--James
574. Sue Thompson--Norman
575. Sue Thompson--Paper tiger
576. Sue Thompson--Sad movies
577. Sue Thompson--Two of a kind
578. Sugarhill Gang--Rappers delight
579. Sugarloaf--Dont call us well call you
580. Sugarloaf--Green eyed lady
581. Sugar Ray--Every morning
582. Sunny & The Sunglows--Talk to mess
583. Sunshine Company--Back on the street again
584. Supertramp--Bloody well right
585. Supertramp--Cannonball
586. Supertramp--Give a little bit
587. Supertramp--Goodbye stranger
588. Supertramp--Its raining again
589. Supertramp--Logical song
590. Supertramp--My kind of lady
591. Supertramp--Take the long way home
592. Supremes--Automatically sunshine
593. Supremes--Baby love
594. Supremes--Back in my arms again
595. Supremes--Come see about me
596. Supremes--Everybodys got the right to love
597. Supremes--Floy joy
598. Supremes--Happening
599. Supremes--Ill be doggone
600. Supremes--Im gonna let my heart do the walking
601. Supremes--Its the same old song
602. Supremes--I hear a symphony
603. Supremes--Love is here and now youre gone
604. Supremes--Love is like an itching in my heart
605. Supremes--My world is empty without you
606. Supremes--Nathan jones
607. Supremes--Nothing but heartaches
608. Supremes--No matter what sign you are
609. Supremes--Stoned love
610. Supremes--Stop in name of love
611. Supremes--Uptight everythings alright
612. Supremes--Up the ladder to roof
613. Supremes--When the lovelight starts shining through his eyes
614. Supremes--Where did our love go
615. Supremes--You cant hurry love
616. Supremes--You keep me hangin on
617. Supremes & Temptations--Im gonna make you love me
618. Surface--First time
619. Surface--Shower me with your love
620. Survivor--American heartbeat
621. Survivor--Burning heart
622. Survivor--High on you
623. Survivor--Is this loves
624. Survivor--I cant hold back
625. Survivor--Search is over
626. Susanna Hoffs--My side of the bed
627. Suzanne Vega--Luka
628. Suzanne Vega--Toms diner
629. Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman--Stumblin in
630. Sweet--Action
631. Sweet--Ballroom blitz
632. Sweet--Fox on the run
633. Sweet--Little willy
634. Sweet--Love is like oxygen
635. Sweet Sensation--If wishes came true
636. Sweet Sensation--Love child
637. Swingin' Medallions--Double shot of my babys love
638. Swinging Blue Jeans--Hippy hippy shake
639. Swing Out Sister--Break out
640. Swing Out Sister--Twilight world
641. Switch--Therell never be
642. SWV--Anythingsmv
643. SWV--Im so into you
644. SWV--Right here human nature downtown
645. SWV--Weak
646. SWV--Youre the one
647. SWV featuring & Puff Daddy--Someone
648. Sylvers--Boogie fever
649. Sylvester--Dance disco heat
650. Sylvester--You make me feel mighty real
651. Sylvia--Nobody
652. Sylvia--Pillow talks
653. Sylvia & D D Jackson--Automatic lover
654. Sylvia Syms & Frank Sinatra--I could have danced all night
655. Syndicate Of Sound--Little girl
656. System--Dont disturb this groove
657. S O S Band--Take your time
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