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Resultados de la b�squeda para el t�rmino 'D'
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1. 2Pac--Dear mama
2. ABBA--Dance
3. ABBA--Dancing queen
4. ABBA--Day before you came
5. ABBA--Does your mother know
6. Ace Of Base--Dont turn around
7. Aerosmith--Darkness
8. Aerosmith--Deuces are wild
9. Aerosmith--Dont get mad get even
10. Aerosmith--Dont stop
11. Aerosmith--Draw the line
12. Aerosmith--Dream on
13. Aerosmith--Dude
14. After The Fire--Der kommissar
15. Alan Parsons Project--Damned if i do
16. Alan Parsons Project--Dont answer me
17. Alvino Ray--Deep in the heart of texas
18. America--Daisy jane
19. America--Dont cross the river
20. Andy Gibb--Desire
21. Andy Gibb--Dont throw it away
22. Andy Williams--Dreamsville
23. Animals--Dimples
24. Animals--Dont bring me down
25. Animals--Dont let me be misunderstood
26. Anne Murray--Dannys song
27. Anne Murray--Daydream believer
28. Aretha Franklin--Day dreaming
29. Aretha Franklin--Dont play that song
30. Artie Shaw--Dancing in the dark
31. Artie Shaw--Deep in a dream
32. Asia--Dont cry
33. Atlanta Rhythm Section--Do it or die
34. Avril Lavigne--Don't Tell Me
35. Bachelors--Diane
36. Badfinger--Day after day
37. Band--Dont do it
38. Band-Aid--Do they know its christmas
39. Barry Manilow--Daybreak
40. Beach Boys--Dance dance dance
41. Beach Boys--Darlin
42. Beach Boys--Dont worry baby
43. Beach Boys--Do it again
44. Beatles--Day tripper
45. Beatles--Dont let me down
46. Beatles--Do you want to know a secret
47. Benny Davis @ Ted Murry--Dont break the heart that loves you
48. Benny Goodman--Darn that dream
49. Benny Goodman--Dont be that way
50. Ben E King--Dont play that song
51. Better Than Ezra--Desperately wanting
52. Bette Midler--Do you want to dance
53. Bettye Swann--Dont touch me
54. Betty Hutton--Doctor lawyer indian chief
55. Betty Johnson--Dream
56. Betty Madigan--Dance everyone dance
57. Beverly Bremers--Dont say you dont remember
58. Billy Edd Wheeler--Desert pete
59. Billy Idol--Dont need a gun
60. Billy Joel--Dont ask me why
61. Bing Crosby--Dancing in the dark
62. Bing Crosby--Dont fence me in
63. Blackstreet--Dont leave me
64. Blondie--Dreaming
65. Bloodrock--D o a
66. Blow Monkey--Digging your scene
67. Blue Oyster Cult--Dont fear the reaper
68. Bobbi Martin--Dont forget i still love you
69. Bobby Brown--Dont be cruel
70. Bobby Darin--Dream lover
71. Bobby McFerrin--Dont worry be happy
72. Bobby Taylor @ The Vancouvers--Does your mama know about me
73. Bobby Vee--Devil or angel
74. Bobby Vinton--Days of sand and shovels
75. Bob Crosby--Day in day out
76. Bob Crosby--Down argentina way
77. Bob Dylan--Desolation row
78. Bob Dylan--Dont think twice its all right
79. Bob Marley--Don't Rock The Boat
80. Bob Marley--Donna
81. Bob Marley--Do It Twice
82. Bob Marley--Dreamland
83. Bob Marley--Duppy Conqueror
84. Bone Thugs N Harmony--Dayz of our livez
85. Bonnie Guitar--Dark moon
86. Boston--Dont look back
87. Bread--Daughter
88. Bread--Didnt even know her name
89. Bread--Dont shut me out
90. Bread--Dont tell me no
91. Bread--Dream lady
92. Breathe--Dont tell me lies
93. Brenda Lee--Dum dum
94. Brick--Dazz
95. Britney Spears--Dear Diary
96. Britney Spears--Deep In My Heart
97. Britney Spears--Despite The Tears
98. Britney Spears--Don't Go Knocking On My Door
99. Britney Spears--Don't Knock At My Door
100. Britney Spears--Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know
101. Brook Benton--Dont it make you want to go home
102. Bruce Springsteen--Dancing in the dark
103. Bryan Adams--Do i have to say the words
104. Buckinghams--Dont you care
105. Busta Rhymes--Dangerous
106. B J Thomas--Dont worry baby
107. Cake--Distance
108. Captain @ Tennille--Do that to me one more time
109. Carly Simon @ Paul Samwell-Smith--Do the walls come down
110. Carol Bayer Sager @ Peter Allen--Dont cry out loud
111. Carol Douglas--Doctors orders
112. Carpenters--Dont cry for me argentina
113. Carrie Lucas--Dance with you
114. Cars--Drive
115. Celine Dion--Declaration Of Love
116. Celine Dion--Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
117. Celine Dion--Dreamin' Of You
118. Chad @ Jeremy--Distant shores
119. Charlie Daniels Band--Devil went down to georgia
120. Cheap Trick--Dont be cruel
121. Cheap Trick--Dream police
122. Cher--Dark lady
123. Cher--Dont hide your love
124. Cher--Dream baby
125. Cherry Poppin' Daddies--Ding dong daddy
126. Chic--Dance dance dancec
127. Chicago--Dialogue
128. Chicago--Does anybody really know what time it is
129. Chris de Burgh--Dont pay the ferryman
130. Chubby Checker--Dance the mess around
131. Chubby Checker--Dancin party
132. Chubby Checker--Do the freddie
133. Chuck Berry--Downbound train
134. Cinderella--Dont know what youve got
135. Cindy Walker--Dream baby
136. Cliff Richard--Devil woman
137. Cliff Richard--Dreaming
138. Collective Soul--December
139. Communards--Dont leave me this way
140. Conway Twitty--Danny boy
141. Conway Twitty--Darling you know i wouldnt lie
142. Creedence Clearwater Revival--Down on the corner
143. Crowded House--Dont dream its over
144. Crystals--Da doo ron ron
145. Crystal Gayle--Dont it make my brown eyes blue
146. Culture Club--Do you really want to hurt me
147. C J @ Co--Devils gun
148. Dandy Warhols--Dick
149. Danny @ The Juniors--Dottie
150. Daryl Hall--Dreamtime
151. Daryl Hall @ John Oates--Did it in a minute
152. Daryl Hall @ John Oates--Downtown life
153. Dave Clark Five--Do you love me
154. David Bowie--Day in day out
155. David Bowie--Dead man walking
156. David Bowie--Diamond dogs
157. David Bowie @ Mick Jagger--Dancing in the streets
158. David Soul--Dont give up on us
159. Dayne Taylor--Dont rush me
160. Dean Martin--Door is still open to my heart
161. Della Reese--Dont you know
162. Dennis DeYoung--Desert moon
163. Depeche Mode--Dangerous
164. Depeche Mode--Death's Door
165. Depeche Mode--Dirt
166. Depeche Mode--Dreaming Of Me
167. Depeche Mode--Dream On
168. Depeche Mode--Dressed In Black
169. Diana Shore--Dearly beloved
170. Dinah Shore--Doin what comes naturally
171. Dion--Donna the prima donna
172. Dionne Warwick--Deja vu
173. Dionne Warwick--Dont make me over
174. Dionne Warwick--Do you know the way to san jose
175. Dion @ The Belmonts--Dont pity me
176. Dion Di Mucci--Drip drop
177. Dobie Gray--Drift away
178. Donna Summer--Dim all the lights
179. Donnie Brooks--Doll house
180. Don Henley--Dirty laundry
181. Don McLean--Dreidel
182. Doobie Brothers--Dependin on you
183. Doobie Brothers--Doctor
184. Dreamer--Dreamer
185. Drifters--Dance with me
186. Duane Eddy @ The Rebelettes--Dance to the guitar man
187. Duke Ellington--Dont you know i care
188. Earth, Wind @ Fire--Devotion
189. Eddie Fisher--Dungaree doll
190. Eddie Rabbitt--Driving my life away
191. Eddy Duchin--Did you ever see a dream walking
192. Eddy Duchin--Dont wait till the night before christmas
193. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Dont bring me down
194. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)--Do ya
195. Ella Fitzgerald @ Louis Armstrong--Dont be that way
196. Elton John--Daniel
197. Elton John--Dont go breaking my heart
198. Elton John--Dont let the sun go down on me
199. Elvis Presley--Doncha think its time
200. Elvis Presley--Dont
201. Elvis Presley--Dont ask me why
202. Elvis Presley--Dont cry daddy
203. Elvis Presley--Do the clam
204. Enya--Deireadh An Tuath
205. Enya--Deora Ar Mo Chroi
206. En Vogue--Dont let go love
207. Ethel Waters--Dont blame me
208. Eurythmics--Dont ask me why
209. Everly Brothers--Devoted to you
210. Everly Brothers--Dont blame me
211. Faith No More--Death March 300
212. Faith No More--Digging The Grave
213. Falco--Do It Again
214. Fama B.S.O--Dancing On The Sidewalk
215. Fifth Estate--Ding dong witch is dead
216. Firehouse--Dont treat me bad
217. Flasch Cadillac @ The Continental Kids featuring Wolfman Jack--Did you boogie with your baby
218. Fleetwood Mac--Dont stop
219. Fleetwood Mac--Dreams
220. Fontane Sisters--Daddy o
221. Foreigner--Dirty white boy
222. Foreigner--Double vision
223. Four Aces--Dont take your love from me
224. Four Preps--Down by station
225. Four Preps--Dreamy eyes
226. Four Seasons--Dawn
227. Four Seasons featuring Frankie Valli--December 1963 oh what a night
228. Frankie Avalon--Dede dinah
229. Frankie Smith--Double dutch bus
230. Frank Fontaine--Daddys little girl
231. Frank Sinatra--Day by day
232. Frank Sinatra--Day in the life of a fool
233. Frank Sinatra--Dolores
234. Frank Sinatra--Dont worry bout me
235. Frank Sinatra--Dream
236. Frank Sinatra--Dream away
237. Freak Nasty--Da dip
238. Freda Payne--Deeper and deeper
239. Freddie @ The Dreamers--Do the freddie
240. Fred Waring--Dancing in the darkfw
241. Gabrielle--Dreams
242. Garbage--Deadwood
243. Garbage--Dog New Tricks
244. Garbage--Doobie Brothers The
245. Garbage--Drive You Home
246. Garbage--Driving Lesson
247. Garbage--Dumb
248. Gary Lewis @ The Playboys--Doin the flake
249. Gary Puckett @ The Union Gap--Daylight stranger
250. Gary Puckett @ The Union Gap--Dont give in to him
251. Gary Wright--Dream weaver
252. Gene Chandler--Duke of earl
253. Gene Pitney--Donna means heartbreak
254. Gene Vincent--Dance to the bop
255. George Harrison--Dark horse
256. George Michael--Different corner
257. Georgia Gibbs--Dance with me henry wallflower
258. Gerry @ The Pace Makers--Dont let the sun catch you crying
259. Gerry Rafferty--Days gone down
260. Glass Tiger--Dont forget me when im gone
261. Glenn Miller--Devil may care
262. Glenn Miller--Dont sit under the apple tree
263. Glen Campbell--Dont pull your love
264. Glen Campbell--Dreams of the everyday housewife
265. Gloria Estefan--Dont wanna lose you
266. Godspell--Day by day
267. Gordon Jenkins @ His Orchestra--Dont cry joe
268. Gordon McRae--Dear hearts and gentle people
269. Guess Who--Dancin fool
270. Guess Who--Do you miss me darlin
271. Guns N Roses--Dont cry
272. Guy Lombardo--Dont blame me
273. G Q--Dico nights
274. Hamilton, Joe Frank @ Reynolds--Dont pull your love
275. Harry Belafonte, Lord Burgess @ Bill Attaway--Day o
276. Harry Belafonte--Dont ever love me
277. Harry Nilsson--Daybreak
278. Heart--Dog and butterfly
279. Helen Reddy--Delta dawn
280. Henry Mancini, Jay Livingston @ Ray Evans--Dear heart
281. Henry Mancini @ Johnny Mercer--Days of wine and roses
282. Herman's Hermits--Dandy
283. Herman's Hermits--Dont go out in the rain
284. Hoyt Axton--Della and the dealer
285. Huey 'Piano' Smith--Dont ya just know it
286. Huey Lewis @ The News--Doing it all for my baby
287. Huey Lewis @ The News--Do you believe in love
288. Human League--Dont you want me
289. Ink Spots--Dont get around much anymore
290. Ink Spots--Do i worry
291. INXS--Devil inside
292. INXS--Disappear
293. Irene Cara--Dream hold on to your dream
294. Jackson Browne--Doctor my eyes
295. Jackson Five--Dancing machine
296. Jack Hylton--Dancing on the ceilingjh
297. Jade--Dont walk away
298. James Taylor--Dont let me be lonely tonight
299. Jamiroquai--Deeper Underground
300. Jamiroquai--Do U Know Where You're Coming From
301. Jamiroquai--Do You Know Where You're Coming From
302. Jamiroquai--Drifting Along
303. Jane Child--Dont wanna fall in love
304. Jan @ Dean--Dead mans curve
305. Jayne Morgan--Day the rains came down
306. Jay @ The Americans--Dawning
307. Jefferson Airplane--Dont slip away
308. Jermaine Jackson--Do what you do
309. Jermaine Jackson--Dynamite
310. Jimmy 'Bo' Horne--Dance across the floor
311. Jimmy Dorsey--Deep purple
312. Jimmy Gilmer @ The Fireballs--Daisy petal pickin
313. Jim Backus @ Friend--Delicious
314. Joan Jett @ The Blackhearts--Do you wanna touch me
315. Jody Watley--Dont you want me
316. Joe 'Games People Play' South--Down in the boondocks
317. Johnnie Taylor--Disco lady
318. Johnny Cash--Daddy sang bass
319. Johnny Cash @ The Tennessee Two--Dont take your guns to town
320. Johnny Mathis--Dulcinea
321. Johnny Sea--Day for decision
322. Johnny Tillotson--Dreamy eyes
323. John Farnham--Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done
324. John Lawrence Finneran @ Vincent C Finneran--Dear one
325. John Waite--Darker Side Of Town
326. John Waite--Dark Side Of The Sun
327. John Waite--Desperate Love
328. John Waite--Dreamtime Shake It Up
329. John Zacherle--Dinner with drac
330. Jon, Robin @ The In Crowd--Do it again a little bit slower
331. Jon Secada--Do you believe in us
332. Journey--Dont stop believin
333. Jo Stafford--Day by day
334. Judas Priest--Diamonds and rust
335. J Levinson--Darkness on the delta
336. Kane Roberts--Does anybody really fall in love anymore
337. Kansas--Dust in the wind
338. Kate Bush--December Will Be Magic Again
339. Kate Bush--Deeper Understanding
340. Kate Bush--Delius Song Of Summer
341. Kate Bush--Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
342. Kate Bush--Dont Give Up
343. Kenny G featuring Lenny Williams--Dont make me wait for love
344. Kenny Loggins--Danger zone
345. Kenny Loggins @ Steve Perry--Dont fight it
346. Kenny Rogers--Daytime friends
347. Kenny Rogers @ Kim Carnes--Dont fall in love with a dreamer
348. Kim Carnes--Does it make you remember
349. Kim Carnes--Draw of the cards
350. King Harvest--Dancing in the moonlight
351. Kinks--Dedicated follower of fashion
352. Kinks--Dont forget to dance
353. Kix--Dont close your eyes
354. Lauryn Hill--Doo wop
355. Lawrence Welk--Dont sweetheart me
356. Led Zeppelin--Dyer maker
357. Lee Michaels--Do you know what i mean
358. Les Crane--Desiderata
359. Linda Ronstadt--Different drum
360. Linda Ronstadt featuring Aaron Neville--Dont know much
361. Linda Scott--Dont bet money honey
362. Lionel Richie--Dancing on the ceiling
363. Lionel Richie--Do it to me
364. Lisa Loeb @ Nine Stories--Do you sleep
365. Lizzy Borden--Dead serious
366. LL Cool J featuring LeShaun--Doin it
367. Lobo--Dont expect me to be your friend
368. Lobo--Dont tell me goodnight
369. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group--Does your chewing gum loseits flavor
370. Lord Tariq--Deja vu
371. Loudon Wainwright III--Dead skunk
372. Lovin' Spoonful--Darling be home soon
373. Lovin' Spoonful--Did you ever have to make up your mind
374. Lovin' Spoonful--Do you believe in magic
375. Madonna--Deeper and deeper
376. Madonna--Dont cry for me argentina
377. Madonna--Dress you up
378. Mamas @ The Papas--Dancing in the street
379. Mamas @ The Papas--Dedicated to the one i love
380. Mama Cass Elliot @ Mamas @ The Papas--Dream a little dream of me
381. Manfred Mann--Do wah diddy
382. Manic Street Preachers--Design for life
383. Mariah Carey--Daydream
384. Mariah Carey--Did I Do That
385. Mariah Carey--Don't Play That Song For Me
386. Mariah Carey--Do You Think Of Me
387. Mariah Carey--Dreamlover
388. Marty Robbins--Devil woman
389. Marty Robbins--Dont worry
390. Marvelettes--Dont mess with bill
391. Marvin Gaye--Distant lover
392. Maureen McGovern--Different worlds
393. McGuinn, Clark @ Hillman--Dont you write her off like that
394. McGuire Sisters--Ding dong
395. Michael Jackson--Dirty diana
396. Michael Jackson--Dont stop til you get enough
397. Mike Curb Congregation--Daisy a day
398. Mitch Ryder--Devil with the blue dress on
399. Modern Talking--Diamonds Never Made A Lady
400. Modern Talking--Doctor For My Heart
401. Modern Talking--Don't Give Up
402. Modern Talking--Don't Let It Get You Down
403. Modern Talking--Don't Let Me Down
404. Modern Talking--Don't Let Me Go
405. Modern Talking--Don't Lose My Number
406. Modern Talking--Don't Make Me Blue
407. Modern Talking--Don't Play With My Heart
408. Modern Talking--Don't Take Away My Heart
409. Modern Talking--Don't Worry
410. Modern Talking--Do You Wanna
411. Monica--Dont take it personal
412. Monkees--Daydream believer
413. Monkees--D w washburn
414. Motley Crue--Dr feelgood
415. Nat Shilkret--Dancing with tears in my eyes
416. Neil Diamond--Desiree
417. Neil Diamond--Do it
418. Neil Sedaka--Diary
419. New England--Dont ever wanna lose ya
420. New Kids On The Block @ The Delfonics--Didnt i
421. Night Ranger--Dont tell me you love me
422. Nino Tempo @ April Stevens--Deep purple
423. Nirvana--Down In The Dark
424. Nirvana--Do You Love Me
425. Nirvana--Drain You
426. Oasis--Dont look back in anger
427. Ohio Express--Down at lulus
428. Olivia Newton-John--Deeper than the night
429. Olivia Newton-John--Dont stop believin
430. One 2 Many--Downtownotm
431. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD)--Dreaming
432. Orleans--Dance with me
433. Orlons--Dont hang up
434. Osmonds--Down by lazy river
435. Osmond Brothers--Double lovin
436. Pablo Cruise--Dont want to live without it
437. Partridge Family--Doesnt somebody want to be wanted
438. Patti Page--Detour
439. Patty Duke--Dont just stand there
440. Paul Anka--Dance on little girl
441. Paul Anka--Diana
442. Paul Carrack--Dont shed a tear
443. Paul Davis--Do right
444. Paul Revere @ The Raiders--Dont take it so hard
445. Paul Simon--Duncan
446. Perry Como--Delaware
447. Peter, Paul @ Mary--Day is done
448. Peter Brown--Do ya wanna get funky with me
449. Peter Brown featuring Betty Wright--Dance with me
450. Peter Frampton--Do you feel like we do
451. Peter Gabriel--D.i.y.
452. Peter Gabriel--Darkness
453. Peter Gabriel--Das Fischernetz
454. Peter Gabriel--Der Rhythmus Der Hitze
455. Peter Gabriel--Digging In The Dirt
456. Peter Gabriel--Don't Break This Rhythm
457. Peter Gabriel--Don't Give Up
458. Peter Gabriel--Down The Dolce Vita
459. Peter McCann--Do you wanna make love
460. Petula Clark--Dont give up
461. Petula Clark--Dont sleep in the subway
462. Pet Shop Boys--Domino dancing
463. Phil Collins--Dont lose my number
464. Phil Collins--Do you remember
465. Phil Ochs--Draft dodger rag
466. Pied Pipers--Dream
467. Playmates--Dont go home
468. Pointer Sisters--Dare me
469. Police--De do do do
470. Police--Dont stand so close to me
471. Pretenders--Dont get me wrong
472. Prince--Delirious
473. Prince--Diamonds and pearls
474. Prism--Dont let him know
475. R.E.M--Driverem
476. Ramones--Do you wanna dance
477. Randy @ the Rainbows--Denise
478. Randy Meisner--Deep inside my heart
479. Randy Travis--Dreamin
480. Ray Charles--Dont change on me
481. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Don't Forget Me
482. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Dosed
483. REO Speedwagon--Dont let him go
484. Rex Allen--Dont go near the indians
485. Richard Marx--Dont mean nothing
486. Rick Dees @ His Cast Of Idiots--Disco duck
487. Rick Springfield--Dont talk to strangers
488. Ringo Starr--Dose of rock n roll
489. Ritchie Valens--Donna
490. Roachford--Down
491. Robbie Nevil--Dominoes
492. Robyn--Do you know what it takes
493. Rod Stewart--Downtown train
494. Roger Miller--Dang me
495. Roger Miller--Do wacka do
496. Rolling Stones--Dandelion
497. Rolling Stones--Doo
498. Ronettes--Do i love you
499. Rosemary Clooney @ Jimmy Boyd--Dennis the menace
500. Roxette--Dangerous
501. Roxette--Dressed for success
502. Roy Hamilton--Dont let go
503. Rufus @ Chaka Khan--Dance wit me
504. Rufus Thomas--Do the funky chicken
505. R Kelly--Down low
506. Salt N Pepa--Do you want me
507. Sammy Kaye--Dont fence me in
508. Sammy Kaye--Dream valley
509. Sammy Kaye @ The Kaye Choir--Daddy
510. Seal--Dont cry
511. Seals @ Crofts--Diamond girl
512. Searchers--Dont throw your love away
513. Serendipity Singers--Dont let the rain come down
514. Shalamar--Dancing in the sheets
515. Shalamar--Dead giveaway
516. Shaun Cassidy--Da doo ron ron
517. Sheena Easton--Do it for love
518. Shep @ The Limelites--Daddys home
519. Shep Fields--Did i remember
520. Shirelles--Dedicated to one i love
521. Shirelles--Dont say goodnight and mean goodbye
522. Simon @ Garfunkel--Dangling conversation
523. Simple Minds--Dont you forget about me
524. Singing Nun--Dominique
525. Slim Willet, Cactus Pryor @ Barbara Trammel--Dont let the stars get in your eyes
526. Sly @ The Family Stone--Dance to the music
527. Smokey Roginson @ The Miracles--Doggone right
528. Sniff N The Tears--Drivers seat
529. Sophie B Hawkins--Damn i wish i was your lover
530. Spike Jones @ His City Slickers--Der fuehrers face
531. Spokesmen--Dawn of correction
532. Standells--Dirty water
533. Steely Dan--Deacon blues
534. Steely Dan--Do it again
535. Steve Winwood--Dont you know what the night can do
536. Stevie B--Dream about you
537. Stevie Wonder--Dont you worry bout a thing
538. Stevie Wonder--Do i do
539. Styx--Dont let it end
540. Sugarloaf--Dont call us well call you
541. Swingin' Medallions--Double shot of my babys love
542. Sylvester--Dance disco heat
543. System--Dont disturb this groove
544. T.L.C--Diggin on you
545. Tatyana Ali featuring Lord Tariq @ Peter Gunz--Daydreamin
546. Tavares--Dont take away the music
547. Temptations--Dont let the joneses get you down
548. Terence Trent D'Arby--Dance little sister
549. Teresa Brewer--Dancin with someone
550. Thelma Houston--Dont leave me this way
551. Thompson Twins--Doctor doctor
552. Tim Buckley--Dolphins
553. Tim McGraw--Dont take the girl
554. Tina Turner--Disco inferno
555. Tommy Dorsey--Daybreak
556. Tommy Dorsey--Dipsy doodle
557. Tommy Dorsey--Dont ever change
558. Tommy Dorsey--Do i worry
559. Tommy James--Draggin the line
560. Tommy James @ The Shondells--Do something to me
561. Tommy Roe--Dizzy
562. Tom Jones--Daughter of darkness
563. Tom Jones--Delilah
564. Tom Jones (Bobby Bare)--Detroit city
565. Tom Petty @ The Heartbreakers--Dont come around here no more
566. Tom Petty @ The Heartbreakers--Dont do me like that
567. Tony Bennett--Dont wait too long
568. Tony Hatch--Downtown
569. Tony Pastor--Dance with a dolly
570. U2--Desire
571. Ultravox--Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
572. Urban Dance Squad--Deeper shade of soul
573. Van Halen--Dance the night away
574. Van Halen--Dancing in the street
575. Van Halen--Dreams
576. Van Morrison--Domino
577. Vaughn Monroe--Dont go to strangers
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